Senor and Linda Lou have been in Pueblo Alamos, Sonora, Mexico for 10 years.
Every day brings a new discovery.
They are still working on the casa............Senor says, it won't be long.........but Linda Lou says, it won't be long until what..............stay tuned to find out what's next.

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

My Security Clearance

Buenos Dias!
We are having beautiful early mornings here in Alamos.
By eight am, I have been through three handkerchiefs depending upon what I am doing, maybe four.
Hot, Humid.
Only a little breeze today. 
A few sprinkles last night.
 Nothing big yet.

If anyone is wondering about the 'Rain Contest'..... I am glassed out. 
Taking a long break.
But I am hoping for rain.

A few people asked to see the casa, room by room.
I said I have to clean it first.
Well, you can imagine, that did not go over well with Senor.
I wanted to move this and move that and decorate and I got yelled at.

So, of course, when he went to the hardware store I just got one of the guys and we did it anyway. 
I don't think Senor ever noticed.

So here are a few photos.
The photo below was taken when Senor started the kitchen.
Now, unless you are new to the blog, you know Senor likes to do everything himself.
It is certainly not that he doesn't want any helpers.
And he isn't bossy.
He just likes to work. 
So, when 'they' started the kitchen, it was really Senor who started the kitchen. 

Below he is in the kitchen, all by himself.
 I think he had the guys on the roof doing something to the little houses up there that are over the fireplace flues.
 It took awhile to get this technique down. 
The mortar is not set flush with the bricks.
 So he liked working by himself to get the process going. 

Now this was fun for me.
 These are sulphur fired bricks and they are very colorful.
 I got to choose each brick and where it would go.
They all called me the 'jeffa' and I beamed. 

As a result I was always in the way.
 I finally got myself a chair and sat down and used my blue duster as a pointer whenever they misplaced a brick.

But, of course, I was still in the way and more than once when I was told to get a four inch brick I got a six or eight instead.

I must have not caused too many problems because it is done.
We are waiting for the tile to arrive.

Below you can see Gerty the goose on top of the space where the refrigerator will go.
Finally they have stopped moving her.
They all cutsey stuff in the work area.
 And they would move her.
Now they are leaving her alone up there.
I think they got tired of lifting her, she is very heavy.

This is all just the main sala. 
I think you will figure out the locations of the areas.
In the photo below the kitchen is in the back in the center, and under the window.
The open door to the left of the kitchen goes into the fake kitchen.

In these two photos, I am standing in the bathroom.
Well, one of these days,it will be the bathroom and I am looking toward the laundry/work room and then, toward the kitchen. 
You can see Gerty way back there. 

In this photo I am in what will be the bedroom. 
You can see the floor is completed in all the rooms.
It just needs to be cleaned someday.

 Back in the sala.
See the old Daffodil painting?
We still have it and I like where we have put it.
I got a few grumbles out of Senor because he had to get out the ladder and take time away from working to put the painting up for me.

The bright white shape on the right side of the photo is going to be the front door.

Now I am not showing you our current bedroom or our bathroom or the fake kitchen.
 They are bright and airy, and you've seen them before and they do not look any different.

But, here is a highly confidential area. 
I refer to it as Senor's current tool placement work area.

WHOOOWEE, I am not allowed to touch anything in here.
I should not touch anything in here.
Believe me, I have tried.
........put that down..........that has to stay there..............don't touch that...............i need to have access to can't put this over here...............where did you put the hammer...........where are my nails.............wait, did you move that light fixture!, you cannot move the stove against the, you cannot hang a painting over here..................this is a construction zone!!!!

This is where all the secrets are kept, all the papers, all the drawings, all the sharpies and mechanical pencils, tools
and all kinds of little contraptions that look to me like they belong in the garbage.

This a high security area and I do not have the security clearance required to enter.

I have high security clearance to spend time in a comfortable chair on the lovely portal.
And that is exactly where I am headed right now.

Que le vaya bien!
Linda Lou

Thursday, June 1, 2017


 Okie dokie.
More than a few people have asked me to see photos of Baby Eli, or Ducky, as I call him.

So here he is in two photos I just could not resist sharing.
Of course, that is me and I am with him in Texas, visiting his great grandfather, my Dad.
This was in mid-April and he was seven months old.
It is absolutely amazing how much he has changed just in these two months and on the fourteenth he will be nine months old.

The photo below was taken about a month ago by our daughter.
It is, I think, the sweetest photo I have ever seen.
There's a lot of love in this photo.
So, that is Ducky.
We skype several times a week and I get to see all the good stuff his mama makes him eat.
I always make a point of telling him about the ice cream and cake we will have next time we are together. The really good stuff. Cake might be his first word, you never know.
His mama is very good about briefly leaving the room when we have these private talks about cake and ice cream versus blueberry banana oat flax cereal and rice cakes.

I have also been asked to share photos of the casa, room by room, so you can see all the updates.
I will do this, but first I have to clean the casa.
So be patient.
In the meantime the cereus cacti are starting to bud out so you may see those first and I have a special story about a little basket of flowers that I want to tell you.

Enough for today. 
I hope you enjoy that second photo as much as I do.
I look at it every day!
Adios y que le vaya bien!
Linda Lou