Senor and Linda Lou have been in Pueblo Alamos, Sonora, Mexico for 10 years.
Every day brings a new discovery.
They are still working on the casa............Senor says, it won't be long.........but Linda Lou says, it won't be long until what..............stay tuned to find out what's next.

Friday, April 19, 2019

Some Signifigance

Did you think we left town?

Believe it or not we have been right here in Alamos, still working on the casa.
Everything is going very good.
No, the casa is still not finished, but we are getting down to the last 2 rooms.
Why aren't we finished?
Why has it taken eleven years?
I think you know the answer.
Senor likes to do too much himself.
Yes, I can still put up with it.

Right now we are taking a break from the casa and building me a glass working shop.
 How about that!
It is very exciting. 
I am cutting glass on the portal now and have been there for about five years.
If you recall, before that I was in many different locations, including the yard one summer.
Each time we entertain I have to pick it all up and move it.
It is so frustrating, so when I move into the shop/studio, I can leave out all of my projects and I can be as messy as I wanna be.

I know you want to see photos of the casa.
Not today!
I have a story to tell you.

 Interesting things always happen to me, well, I think they are interesting.
But this one especially has me wondering.

When I was on my walk the other morning I found half a bead.
I am surprised I even saw it.

You can see in the photo, it is very tiny, pale blue in color.

 I know why I chose to pick it up.

My father picked up all kinds of things in the streets when we four kids were growing up.
He had a name for it.
We each had a big stick and we walked around the streets, and in the fields and along the railroad tracks and ditches, and we looked for stuff.

My father was a well educated man, head of the history department at a college, well loved by his students and faculty, a musician, and an artist among many other talents.
And he was a huge shepherder.

Most of our treasures ended up in our home, on shelves, or in the yard, or once, when my sister found a baby doll, in loving arms.

To this day, when I take my early morning walk I am shepherding. I no longer carry a stick and I don't actively look for things, but when something catches my eye, into a pocket it will go.

So, the blue bead went into my pocket and I continued walking.

Below are a few of the things I have found  on my walks. Starbucks stickers here in Alamos! The edge of a burned 50 peso note! A chuckie cheese token! A marble! Lots of pellet gun balls. And these are only a few of the things. I have quite a collection. This batch I keep in the German mug you can see in the photo below. My parents bought it in Berlin when they took me to get my passport.
After finding the bead, I continued walking for about half an hour more, through the arroyo, past the Alameda and the Plaza, and near the old original Black Cat Market, which was the first food mercado in Alamos many, many years ago, something in the street caught my eye. I walked over to it and picked it up. 
It was the other half of the bead.
 On the complete opposite side of town.
 It was barely visible in a crack in the concrete, but I saw it.
Or maybe it saw me. 
It matched the other half exactly.

Now what is the significance of that?

okay, gotta run, Semana Santa, whoowheee, lots of people in town and I want to go buy shrimp soup for dinner before all the tourists eat it up.
Que le vaya bien!
Linda Lou

Monday, July 9, 2018

And the Winner is....

Buen dia!
We have had some good chipichipi days here in Alamos.
Those are days of little sprinkles with very little wind and no thunder or lightning.
So I did not count those as 'rain days'.
However, on July 3 we had a terrific storm with all the components:

There was a lot of electricity in the air
 and the person choosing the day and time that was closest to the beginning of the storm
 was P. Wells from Orange, Texas.
No one posted here through the blog with a day or time. 
Her choice was made online through Facebook.

Below is a photo of the wind chime she gets!!
It is a small umbrella with lots of rain drops!

Senor is working on the master bathroom today.
 The blue painters tape will be gone after the tiles are grouted.

Below you can see the copper sink and the pump Senor turned into the water faucet.

Working on the cupboards and drawers.
 A local woodworker is making them. 

Below Senor is staining the drawers for the bathroom.

This is my project.
 We made an aggregate patio and I have tiled parts of it.

Here's the tile below. 
It is all done, but I need to grout it and I am being lazy about this project.
It could be because it is so hot out and I just don't want to do it.
Maybe I will wait till fall.
 All the way back, right below the wall, is the little dipper pool. 
It is 6x4 feet, just big enough to put a raft in and float around a little.
It has seating inside so if you don't want to float and its super hot you can just sit down and cool off.
 It will be ready for next year's summer. 

So, that's the story of what's going on.
I know, I know, I don't write that often anymore and I don't even know if anyone still follows the blog.
People always ask........what in the heck do you do down there in Mexico?
Well, the answer is.....a lot.
I recently met someone visiting Alamos for the first time. 
She told, it's so boring here.
I just stared at her.
There is nothing boring in my day.
 I am positive I have never been bored here.
In fact, I just need about 4 more hours in the day.
A 28 hour day would be just ideal for me, I might get everything done in that amount of time.

Okie Dokie.
Que le vaya bien.
Linda Lou

Sunday, June 3, 2018

The Rain Contest is On!


To cool myself off I am thinking RAIN.

 Okay, okay, I know, not today, not tomorrow, but perhaps in about 3 weeks, which will be around June 24th, Dia de San Juan Bautista, the official beginning of the rainy season here in Sonora.
So, I am going to have the RAIN CONTEST.

I have a lot of rules this year, so listen up!

Pick a day, beginning June 24th and any day AFTER June 24th. Pick the hour, am or pm, and the minute.

If the day and time you pick are already chosen, I'll let you know and you can pick again.
I will let you know that I have your date and time.

If the rain comes exactly between 2 people's choices, the person choosing the time BEFORE the storm gets the prize.

I am the boss of the contest, so I will be deciding if the storm qualifies as the beginning of the RAINY season and not just chipichipi.

A rainstorm before June 24th does not count.

The contest is open to everyone, you don't need to live in Alamos. So share this post with your friends.

The contest will also be held on the blog, and on the glasspondstudio Facebook page, and my personal Facebook page, same rules.

The deadline to enter the contest is 6pm, June 14th.
There were also over 200 entries the last time I had the contest.
The prize this year will be a glass wind chime.
As soon as it comes out of the kiln I will post a photo for you!

Que le vaya bien!
Linda Lou

Friday, March 30, 2018

Tiling the Kitchen

Buenas tardes.
This is the real deal.
No kidding.
Senor is tiling the kitchen with talavera tile from Dolores Hidalgo.
The counter base is made of sulphur bricks fired in Baja, California.

A local iron worker made the hanging lamps and Senor soaked them in salt water to rust them.
The refrigerator will go in the open space on the left.

You can see a little of the floor I made of concrete and acid stain.

The cupboards are drawers that pull out and they will have an open filagre iron front.

The stove is even hooked up.
See the burner?
It works!!!
Ten years with the fake kitchen in five different locations.
Now we are getting close to having a real kitchen that can't be moved.

I know you have been waiting as long as I have for this!
Que le vaya bien!
Linda Lou

Friday, January 12, 2018

Alamos, Sonora, Mexico Photos

Buen dia!

All is well here in Alamos.
If you thought we deserted you, well we did for awhile there.
I just did not have any writer's motivation and my camera is broken.
I absolutely cannot live without a camera.

I did not want to buy one down here, so I am going up to the states next week and will pick up my new Sony Cyber-shot with 50mm zoom lens (yeah) while I am visiting my Dad for his ninetieth birthday party!

When I return I will show you some photos of the house.
After some ups and downs with tile orders we finally have what we want and 
Senor is busy tiling the kitchen.
It's awesome.
It's beautiful.
I love it.

I think you will be very surprised!

In the meantime since I cannot take any photos I am going to just show you some photos of this beautiful place, Alamos, which we have called home for ten years now.

These photos were taken last December, on a cold brisk morning, around dawn, my favorite time for photography.
So, just sit back and relax and hit the scroll key.
I hope you enjoy them!
Que le vaya bien!
Linda Lou

Thursday, October 5, 2017


Buen dia!

Did you see the movie SAW?

I liked it. 
I think it is one of the best psychological thrillers ever made.
I even liked Saw Two, but they lost me with Saw Three.
I think that's the one where the guy fell in to a pit of hypodermic needles.

I like all kinds of movies, but no one likes to watch them with me.
I talk to the movie.
I tell the not open that door..............don't go in there.................get away from him.......she should not date him.......or I say....I KNEW that would happen, and then, the worst.......... oh, oh, oh..... or oh my gosh!

Our kids hated how I did that when they were growing up.
If Santa's sleigh was not going to get off the ground I could tell you that before he even got in the sleigh.

I would talk to comedies, westerns, anything: THE LITTLE MERMAID? I knew every time Ursula was going to try and harm Ariel and whoa! THE PIRATES OF THE CARRIBEAN, don't get me started. 
I could have told you every single thing that was going to happen before it happened.

Like I said no one likes to watch movies with me.

Of course since Senor and I have been in Mexico we have seen only a few movies.
We saw THE HELP which was lovely.
 I knew Hilly was going to fire Yule May before she even hired her and I told Yule May to not go to work there. 
But, did she listen?

And once while in Navojoa I went to the picture show and saw the newest STAR WARS. 
Thank goodness I was the only person in there.
I knew R2-D2 would save them, but they didn't listen to me until it was almost too late. 

Alamos used to have a Sunday movie night at the Museum 
I remember taking our kids to see a movie there and I said something and both our kids! stop it!

Three years ago I bought a subscription to Mexico Netflix.

I did not watch a thing on it until I broke my foot.

First I watched a couple of movies.

Then I watched  all 6 available seasons of THE WALKING DEAD.
Do you know how many zombies that is?
 I got to where I could identify the Zombies that were killed in the previous episodes and realized they were just using a lot of them over and over again.

And no matter how good I became at identifying this Zombie recycling, I still called out to the characters to tell them they were in trouble.

The first few episodes  of The Walking Dead I watched on my tablet in the afternoon, while Senor was on the computer.
With my ear plugs in I  did not realize how much I was talking to the characters until I noticed the mean looks I was getting from Senor. 
Finally I adjusted to the show and just kept a little pillow over my mouth.

Now that the series is over I have switched back to movies.
None of them are new releases and most I have seen before, a long time ago.  

I felt so sad for the people (well, except for Karen, what a mess she was) on board the Stevens aircraft in AIRPORT 77, I cried as the plane sank to the ocean floor, but I told them I just knew Jack Lemmon would save them.

And that poor girl in THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW who got the infection in her leg.
I KNEW that was going to happen and I told her not to walk past that car with the broken piece of the bumper where she scraped her leg.

I went to the Doctor this week.
I have seen him every Tuesday now for six weeks.
He has always been very nice.
But I must have talked too much while he was removing the cast.
It was just like I was watching a movie.

Senor caught it on camera.
It's not really a movie, just still shots.

Be glad it is not a movie with audio.

And just because I KNOW someone is going to ask me, NO, that is not my other leg on the left of the photo. 
That is the Dr's arm.

And I'm not going to show you a picture of my foot post cast, especially those of you who were grossed out by the orange silk embroidered fabric shown in the last post and emailed me to find out if that was a part of my body.
You silly people!
If that were part of my body would I have even shown it?
okie dokie, that's a take.
We will hope there will never be a SAW FIVE.

Thursday, September 28, 2017


 Buen dia.

Here I am.

This is me.
The first photo is of my record keeping on the wall next to my side of the bed.
It requires a little explanation.
You will see that it has been 31 days that I have been in the condition you see in the 2nd photo.
However I actually broke my foot 2 weeks prior to getting plastered.
So it has been 45 days that I have been in this miserable situation.

For the last 3 years I have been walking every morning. 
I like to leave the house at dawn and I walk for 7 miles at a pace anywhere from 12  minutes to 15 minutes per mile.
I cover a lot of territory.
That works for me.

One morning after my walk I went back out to go visit a friend.
Walking up to El Barranca barrio there is a very small street with a very narrow little sidewalk. 
Even though I had my umbrella I noticed the little sidewalk was in the shade.
I decided to walk there and as I was walking I heard an unusual bird call.
When I looked up to see the bird my inside foot, the foot farthest away from the street, hit the edge of the curb, bent down and twisted. 

I hobbled on to my friends home and called Senor to come and get me.
I rested for a day or 2, and took some ibuprofen because my foot was very swollen.
I borrowed some crutches from someone and we proceeded to go on a planned trip to Tucson where I hobbled from store to store or sat in the car and made Senor run my errands.

Back home we went to eat shrimp tacos and while there a curandero (healer) was in town and he came to look at my foot.
He told me to bite down on my handkerchief, which I did while he pressed and pulled and jerked my foot.

I am a firm believer of alternative medicines and I still believe in the work of a curandero.
But it did not work for me.
I  bit a hole through my handkerchief and the next day went for an x-ray at the local Alamos General Hospital.
My foot was indeed broken, the outside bone of the right foot, but it was a spiral break and went around and around the bone.

They said I would need plates and screws and nails and that scared me to death.
We went for a 2nd opinion.

We have IMSS insurance and it pays for anything that happens to you, but honestly it takes a long time.
I did not want to wait another 2 weeks just to be seen by a doctor.

We opted for the pay out of your pocket hospital in Navojoa, San Jose.
I was able to get an appointment that very day and another x-ray confirmed the break.
But this doctor did not think I needed all that hardware and said that even though it was a bad break, it would heal.
So I got the cast.

The first week I stayed in bed.
The second week I went from bed to crutches and back to bed.
The third and fourth weeks I graduated to a wheelchair and crutches, but still, a lot of bed rest.
This week I am learning to use a walker.
I have at least one, maybe two more weeks in this cast and then, therapy.

Have you ever had a cast?
This is my first one.

Let me tell you how it goes:

 It itches, but a long pencil with an eraser helps. Stick the pencil, eraser side down into the cast.
 That way you are not drawing weird designs all over your leg.  

 Your toes will wrinkle up and they will swell up and look like little piggies in a blanket.
 Use a lot of lotion and keep your foot elevated and just do not look at it.

 You are not going to sleep at night. I have tried every position.
 I have tried big pillows. I have tried little pillows.
 I have tried scooting far down in the bed and while lying on my stomach, hang my foot off the end of the bed.
 This does not work if your spouse gets up in the night.
 You are at high risk of getting your foot re injured.

You have to wrap a plastic bag around the cast when you shower.
 Of course, you can decide to just not shower, who cares?
 If you do shower make sure the whole top of the bag is taped down or it will fill with water and when you get back to the bed to remove the bag the water will spill out and someone (you know who in my case) will have to come and clean it all up.

 DO NOT go on Facebook.
 You will only see fun photos of what everyone else is getting to do.
 You will make yourself even more miserable.

 Leave the bathroom light on, not matter how aggravating it is to your partner. 
You might be mistaken if you think you can make it to and from the bathroom in the dark.

#7 Go slow on your crutches.
 A cast is like a pendulum.

#8 Do not try and kill scorpions or ants or any other kinds of insects with one of your crutches.
 I will repeat, a cast on your leg is like a pendulum and that combined with a serious kill instinct does not mix well.

Don't think, well, this is a great time to finish some of those projects I started because while you work on those projects you will just be thinking about how utterly miserable you are.
 Instead start a series on Netflix and plan to watch as many episodes as you can handle in one day.           

 Ignore your spouse when he tries to cheer you up by saying he will cement in the end of the cast after it is removed and turn it into a flower vase for you.

I can't say I am completely imprisoned.
One day a lady wheeled me down to the Palacio to pay the water bill and we discovered you can really not push a wheelchair on cobblestones.

Another time, on Dia de La Independencia, a lady wheeled me to the parade and left me at the Plaza while she went and visited with her friends. I thought I might never see home again.

Twice Senor has taken me out of the house for tacos, and we visit the doctor every Tuesday in Navojoa, that's a nice drive.

I think I feel like a prisoner because I am not leaving the house at dawn, not making that 4 or 5 mph walk I am used to.

So I am crossing my fat little piggy toes in a blanket that this, like all the other little problems we humans have to put up with, too shall pass........soon.

Que le vaya bien!
Linda Lou