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Every day brings a new discovery.
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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Those Darn Cats and Windows

Hola! Here is the morning photo. Still alot of snow up top, but we have had a few pretty days again. The rhodies and azaleas are coming out and the Hmong farmers down in the valley have fields of yellow in bloom.

Painting of the outside of the house is almost complete. The trim and railings are yet to be done. Rain will be here this morning so outside painting will go on hold and hopefully some of the indoor issues will get completed.

Two things are holding us up........cats and windows....let's talk about the cats first.

They have to have papers in order to cross the border...papers that certify they have received all their shots and are in good health. I did not think this would be that difficult, but a call to the vet clinic lets me know that the cats cannot have their papers until Tuesday or there you have it....our children and our pets do control our lives.

Below is a photo of Ashes, taken back in December when things were normal. Now she hides in the culvert down at the street while the workers are here and comes out only after they leave.

and this is Cookies. He looks a little sad...they know something big is going on, but there is really not much we can do for them...Ian came home last night and that seems to be cheering them up..Windows....we are waiting for the large hardware store we purchased our windows from to come and reinstall one set. I won't name the company, but they are dragging their feet. We may go ahead and leave it all in the hands of our wonderful realtor. He will be putting our house on the market in a few weeks.

Our last Pacific Northwest post will be this week....we will show you alot of photos of the house in its most completed state!

I also want to give you a short list of all the terrific companies (most of them from right here in the Snoqualmie Valley) who have helped us in remodeling our home.

So we will try and wait patiently for the cats papers and then, we're outta here..

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Katie said...

Just came across your blog and am excited for you on your move to Mexico! Former Valley girl here; lived in North Bend and graduated from Mt. Si.

I bet the kitties will like the weather there better than the cold wet winters here in the Pacific Northwest.

Looking forward to your next posts, and wishing you a safe and successful transition.