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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

So Here's the Deal

Hola from Colorado!

If you read the first June blog, you know we are on our way. We left on Memorial Day, late in the afternoon and drove to Snoqualmie Pass, 45 minutes away, got a room facing the snow covered slopes and crashed. We have been in Northern Colorado for almost a week, visiting our daughter, relaxing, doing some last minute paper work and squabbling over the route south to the border.

Have you ever been over Raton Pass at the border of Colorado and New Mexico???? Horrible, a nightmare you won't forget...I don't want to go even though it is an interstate. It is almost 8,000 feet and I remember it being narrow. I also remember going over Raton in the early 70's in a VW bus and during an electrical storm we had to get out and push the bus the rest of the way up the Pass. no, no, no, I will not go...i will not get out and push a uhaul trailer up the rest of the way. no,no, no....

So we are going to stick with 285 and head down through Santa Fe and across into Arizona. We hope to cross at Nogales next Tuesday or Wednesday. Once again, it depends on the cats....we have to have a new health certificate within 72 hours of crossing the border.

Speaking of the has been interesting. The Seattle area vet would not give us tranquilizers for the cats, and instead suggested we use a product called Feliway. It is a product that we spray in the truck, their travel cages or a motel room, any place they are not used to and the spray relaxes them and helps them adjust to new people and surroundings. I think it has cat pee in it....but it works just fine for the most part, and No, there is no smell to it..

We started out putting the cats in the motel room with us (Motel 6 is about the only place we have found that will accept the cats). They would hide under the bed and be nice and quiet until about 2am. At this time Cookies would begin his deep growling and then Ashes would start and there would not be enough spray in that $29.95 bottle to stop them.
So at first we would scoop them up and toss them back in the truck. Now, days later, we don't even bother to take them out of the truck. They are eating and drinking and doing other business and seem very happy in the truck. At night we can see them running around the cab. So they are getting some excercise.
Needless to say, we are eager to get them to Alamos and out of the truck permanently...

We want to thank a few people and let you know who we used to help us get our home ready to sell. It was important to us that we try and use as many businesses from the Snoqualmie Valley as possible, and we feel like we did just that with a few exceptions.

We urge you to call ACE HOME IMPROVEMENT and DISCOUNT FLOORING for anything you need. The owner, Craig Story, is amazing. We could not have left town when we did if it had not been for him. He started out as our painter, but he became everything so much more, painting, floors, electrical, staining, fixtures...we could go on and on because he can do everything.
Craig's number is 425-442-8343 and he is from Duvall.

We ordered our first windows from Lowes and were not pleased with the installation, so we placed our next order with SNO VALLEY GLASS in Duvall and they were outstanding. Great customer service and great installation. They installed the very narrow, tall windows you see in the previous post. They are in Duvall at 425-788-6794.

Tony King and his crew cut down some of our large firs and cedars. They also cleared off the hillside of the underground home and all of this helped to open our view up again. Tony owns Kings Trees from Duvall. 425-788-5616

TNT, an electrical company from Duvall, helped us as well. I'm bad, can't find their phone number, but Craig has it!
So, if you are in need of any services, we really liked the services of all these companies.

It is time to leave Colorado. There is a noisy thunder and lightning storm bouncing across the rockies and rolling across the plains as I write. The cats are ready to go..... Bill and I are ready.
It has been wonderful to see our daughter and spend so much time with her.

Before I go, thanks Dan and Laurie, for helping us load the trailer and thanks, Kyle and Robin, for letting our homeless son use your guest bedroom.
And to everyone who called and wanted to take us out for meals or come by the house we are sorry we could not say goodbye to all of you. We will miss you all!!!
But, you know where we will be!!!

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Calypso said...

Hola -

We moved from Colorado (near Pueblo) to Xico,Veracruz, Mexico. We have made the trip down to New Mexico from Colorado MANY times - I have never thought of that pass going into Raton as really difficult - except perhaps in the dead of winter with snow on the highway.

In any case we will follow your adventures - welcome to Mexico!

John Calypso