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Every day brings a new discovery.
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Friday, September 12, 2008

Headed for Alamos

We weren't able to make it to San Carlos and the Tetakawi last night. We had planned to be there around 6pm, but we forgot to include the border crossing delays in our plans.
So we have spent the night in Hermosillo at the San Sebastian. Before falling asleep last night I flipped through the 75 channels on the television one last time. And there was The Little Mermaid on the spanish Disney channel.. I watched the last 15 minutes of the movie. It made me teary eyed for that summer long ago.

This morning we are watching the weather Channel and the news coverage in Galveston. It does not look good. we will probably not hear for several days what will happen in the gulf.

Back in Alamos, the town is busy preparing for Dia de Indepencia. The largest celebration in Mexico, it is the celebration of Mexico's freedom from Spain, I can't remember the exact date of Independence, but the celebration will be across Mexico on september 15 and 16.

Flags have been hanging from homes and cars for the last 2 weeks, flag banners have been strung across the streets, and there have been new food and variety vendors popping up along the Alameda.
There is a flurry of activity throughout the town. We are eager to get back today and see what has been happening while we have been gone.

Alamos is also busy preparing for another event which will occur in late September. All of the governors of Mexico and the president of Mexico will be coming to Alamos for a meeting. Alamos has been receiving a huge sprucing up due to the upcoming visit.... new paint throughout town on the businessses surrounding the Alameda and the Plaza de Armas, the inside of the Palacio has new paint and it looks like a huge dance floor has been put down, new flagstone has been laid at the Alameda as well as a new wooden gazebo. Most of the electricity in the downtown historical area has now been placed underground.
The gardener down the street say that this event will bring over 5,000 visitors to town. Just the other day when we came out of the Palacio after paying our water bill, there was a huge tour bus from Arizona parked at the corner.
Around 50 American seniors were standing in the hot sun, holding their water bottles with one hand and fanning themselves with paper brochures with the other, while listening to an American tour guide talk about the colonial architecture of the Palacio.

So the activity has already begun. We understand the foreigners who come for the winter should begin arriving soon. The people we have met here say this summer has been very quiet, very sleepy, but that is about to change.
The Dia de Indepencia will bring dances, fireworks, horse races in the arroyo and much more. Hopefully I will be able to share some of this with you when I am able to get online again and write a new post.
Until then, we are off and going home to Alamos....adios.

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glennhuntington said...

Greatly enjoy your blog as I am strongly considering moving to Alamos too. Especially helpful are your comments on issues you experience, fears, no-see-ums, fire ants, border crossings, language, construction issues, legal red tape etc.. I'm also very interested in your joys and insights into life in a small, isolated Mexican pueblo.