Senor and Linda Lou have been in Pueblo Alamos, Sonora, Mexico for 10 years.
Every day brings a new discovery.
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Monday, December 7, 2009

Cold Weather Plants

Buen Dia!

Some very beautiful flowering shrubs and vines are cascading over high adobe walls throughout Alamos.
The plants here seem to like the cold much better than we do.

Last year, when we were planning the little strip of yard between the new wall and the casa, several people made some great suggestions about what to plant there.
One suggestion from a good friend in Carnation, was poinsettias.
I have always been fond of the plant at Christmas, inside the house, on the top of the buffet or in the window in the corner. But, once they are leggy, they are in the compost and gone as far as I am concerned.

But, there is a tree poinsettia here which is wild and leggy and I thought I would like that alot. Our neighbor's gardener gave us several cuttings, but I could not get them to start. After Christmas last year, I went ahead and planted our store bought poinsettias, not knowing if I would like them or not.

Now, that they are in bloom, I like them alot. I did not know that the top leaves would actually become the flower. We have four of these and they are all in brilliant bloom.

Our bouganvilla is now beginning to go over the adobe wall.
These plants below attract the hummingbirds and have been in bloom since August.
Below, the trumpet vine flowers are beginning to come out. Our vines are now cascading over the wall to the street.
You can see how much the trumpet vine has spread and how full it is.
We are in the thick of the Festival of the Patronales. This festival which centers around the Plaza de las Armas, gives tribute to the patron saints with non stop activity. Amusement park rides fill the four streets that surround the Plaza and food stalls and gift stalls are jammed in among them. At night, there are fashion shows on the huge stage and dance shows and musical events.

Each Sunday evening, the Museum, which is on the Plaza, hosts an American film in its small auditorium. Last week we walked down and saw 'The Buena Vista Social Club', which we had seen before and love so much.
Last night we saw Candice Bergen and Sean Connery in John Huston's 'The Wind and the Lion'.

When we came out of the Museum there was little walking or standing room. There were lines of people waiting for tamales, waiting for rides, waiting for butter slathered corn and tres leche cakes. It was very festive.

Today I am off on new old bike to the RV park, where I think they will let me pay for a super hot shower. Then I am off to a watercolor presentation by a local artist, up at Casa de la Cultura. Then I am supposed to go back to the office of El Presidente to meet with the Event Director. I would really like to skip that one................

I hope everyone is having fun shopping and enjoying the Christmas decorations in your home town. Are you having a cookie exchange this year? Are you handing out food at the local food bank? Northwest Harvest must be gearing up for its annual food drive in Seattle.
I am sure there are all kinds of events going on in your town. I would love to hear about them!

And if you are sending us a Christmas card, please put it in the mail now! Last year we got cards from folks we did not even know. What fun to make new connections, country to country at Christmas time!
New old bike is calling me................
que tengas buen dia........................linda lou


Ian Huntington said...

Hi Linda! You are definately climatizing to the heat of Alamos! (HA!) You're calling your weather cold? Today you're at 75F. with a low in the 50's. Here in "Sunny" Palm Springs, California it's a high of 52F. and a low of 35F. You're so fortunate to be in Alamos! Can't wait to join you!!!

~~kattz*cottage~~ said...

Your flowers are GORGEOUS! Love those poinsettias & how wonderful that you still have things blooming. I'm already looking forward to spring because we've had a freeze & there is nada blooming now. I hope you got that nice hot shower & I sure bet you enjoyed it! It's way TOO cold here today in TX!