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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

No Cool Title, Just Stuff..............

Buen dia! We are seeing brilliant sunsets at night. After the sunsets and late into the evening we have been getting chipichipi rains and bright displays of lightning.

And we are paying dearly now during the day. The humidity this week has been hovering around eighty to ninety percent and the temperatures have been well over a hundred. Now this would not be so bad if we only had some wind, but there is not any at all.

I have received a number of custom glass orders and as soon as I return from my walk or ride in the morning, I have been retreating to the laundry room to cut glass. It is stifling in there and we are down to one small working fan. There are no ceiling fans in that room. I have been working with a wet rag around my head, but I don't think that helps at all. When I cold work, or grind glass, I use a face mask and goggles, now that is suffocating as well. I look like the creature from the black lagoon with a towel around its head.

Both Senor and Humberto continue to put in a good four hours and Senor retreats to the bedroom and the mini split for short little breaks while Humberto hides briefly under the mesquite.

Below you can see Senor up on the roof where the beams are now in and ready for the vigas. The first section of vigas will come out above the door for about eight feet.

In the second photo, from last year, you can see how far the original roof extended and then, you can see the Hilton Garden Room, which was under the old roof. I am hoping to recreate the garden room, temporarily of course, once the vigas and the roof are in. Oh, you know, Senor may have other plans, but I hope to win out.In addition to cutting glass, I did make it to the clay sculpting class at the museum. There were only a handful of us for the four day class. The fellow in the blue and white shirt is the instructor. This class was the mask sculpting class and the calaca katrina class will be in the fall.
The instructor, Jorge Mendevil, is a very talented sculptor and Ana, next to him, is a clay artist as well.

Across from our class, young teens were sculpting clay jewelry.

And down the hall, the violin class was being held. A little screechy, but some very determined kids were there every day.

In the mornings, the kids come for clay class and their work is spread out to dry on the museum floor. This will all be fired soon out at the Uvalama kiln and I believe you can look back through my labels to see the actual firing we did last year.

Here is my first mask below. I put it on the floor in the kids' section, had a look around and realized that most of their work was so much better than mine. So I picked it up again and moved it away from all that professional looking stuff. Then the ears fell off my guy and I wondered why in the world I even put ears on him to begin with. Maybe I can glue them back on after the fire or maybe they will get lost in the kiln, which might be a good thing.

Well, the rest of the mascaras I made were really no better. I hope they will look better after they are fired, so I will show them to you at a later date. However, Jorge did say all my eyes have good, soulful expressions. Do you see that? A soulful expression? I studied it for quite a while, but I don't see it.

I am just glad the kids are not in my class. Their work is incredibly creative and mine is just well, created.

Okie dokie, I am off to Navajoa to buy a new floor fan for the laundry room work shop. The problem with custom orders is I cannot just put six or seven pieces in the kiln. I have to keep cutting and cutting to get around sixty items, which is what fits in the kiln and justifies a fire. So, a new fan will help cool down the room a little. Maybe a pretty head towel, too, something with flowers on it.

Air conditioning in new old car, a K freeze for the drive, a lovely morning.

Que tengas buen dia! linda lou


Panchita del Volantín said...

What dedication you guys have! Señor on the roof in the heat, and you in the shop...
Hope you get your Hilton Garden room back soon!

Jacqui said...

Do you have ice cubes? I used to wrap ice cubes in a towel and wrap around neck, I found that worked well. Then I found a gel ice pad that you freeze would work equally well. The humidity is the worse thing about the heat - I really don't miss the extreme heat at all.

Ian Huntington said...

I agree with Panchita. You both are impressive! Even hosting out in that weather!
It's pretty much hot and awful up here too. It makes me too lazy to even want to step out in the back yard to pull a weed. Going to the beach house for a few weeks and hoping to cool off a little. Weeds, have at it!

Ter'e said...

KUDOS Linda! You two are something else. Makes me feel like a slacker. I hate the excessive heat!!!!!!

I laughed when I saw your you know what UGLY JUGS are????? I have 3 Ugly Jugs in my great room. I love them, but it takes a special person to appreciate their beauty............I believe you have that same appreciation! LOL.

My vote is to go with the ice cubes. Jacqui and I think alike, again!

Linda Lou and Senor, Too said...

Panchita, me, too, I want my room back.

Jacqui, yes, last year I did the ice cubes, I need to get on that this year.

Glenn Ian, that entertaining photo is from last year when we had the garden room. Just wanted to remind you all of how far that Hilton garden room extended and that is how it will be again when we get the 8 feet of roof back. It was taken in April, so it was not too hot yet. I think if we invited anyone over now, they would say NO!

Ter'e, YES to ugly jugs and ugly masks as well! LOLOL

Taos Sunflower said...

Oh what gruesome weather. I can't imagine how you keep working. I wonder if it cools down at night...hope you got that second fan, and maybe a third, while you were at it...

Anonymous said...

yesssss yo tengo k freeze porfavor. dos meses hasta k freeze