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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Ring a Ding Girl Today and Next Year

Hola, it is Thursday! That spells B-R-I-D-G-E.

I love hanging out with Senor, but lately by Thursday mid morning, I am counting the minutes................till he leaves, waiting for him to get out of here.

It's because I have a new habit. As soon as he is out the gate, I am tuned into Talk Zone on the Internet.
Then I can access the Twilight Zone.
So I turn the mini split on high, get under a little fleece throw and listen all afternoon.

I was three quarters through 'The Road to Somewhere' last week and he came home early.
................hmmm, what are you listening to...................aren't you home early...............yea, so what are you listening to..................Just about then the break occurred before Act Three and the little jingle came on..........oh, that's cool, he said. So he laid down and read his book, and I finished Act Three.

This afternoon I am going to listen to 'Ring a Ding Girl', one of my favorites. Small town girl makes it to the big screen, has a sort of out of body experience and saves her small home town from total destruction.

Now Senor is pretty computer smart, much more than I am. He gets all the major football games live online, although sometimes the screen will go blank during a commercial, especially if the game is being broadcast through the Netherlands or Germany. When we get commercials many of them are in Dutch. But game coverage is good.

Saturdays are best for him. He can often get four college games at once and can open and shut screens on the computer faster than a restaurant pancake flipper can flip pancakes. He does not miss a throw, a catch, a score, an injury, a punt. I enjoy the games, but I like one game at a time, so I usually set up a bank of projects while he is screen flipping. But he is also very particular. If the game is not good enough to keep his interest, he will not watch it.

He gets live BBC and Al Jezeera news and listens late in the day. This is when I get out the big projects. He can find just about anything online.

In the heat of the afternoons, when we are not reading, it is fun to see what he finds. The other afternoon we watched Julia Child cook eight different egg dishes, in black and white, over an electric GE stove top burner. There is no need for a tv. Although with all these electrical cords and plugs going in around here, I am sure Humberto thinks we will be having a tv in every room.

A big project is in the works here. Do you remember the eight feet I have been talking about? Here it is below, outside the West Wing.

Two feet between each viga. There will be skylights in the open squares. And on the other side of the wall, (which will eventually come down) are the vigas for the other side. Another eight feet.

The two photos below show the eight feet before it was mortared in. Now it has been mortared, and the styrafoam insulation has been laid and tomorrow we are supposed to have a couple of extra guys over here to help pour cement. The last time that was supposed to happen, the guys were no shows for several days, but it eventually got done.

Senor says it will be smooth sailing from here on out. Almost all the structural stuff is in place and that took up a lot of the last two and a half years.

A friend was over the other day and she had not seen the house since last April.
She asked me how much longer, I am sure I looked confused as I certainly try not to ASK THAT question, and then, Senor answered.............a year tops, and it will be easy because all this structural stuff is about done. I am going to hold him to that year.

A year from now, say October, 2012, Senor will be at bridge on Thursday. I will be sitting in the living room that will be all pretty and painted and decorated with all our pretty stuff. I will be sitting in one of the Pier One chairs, over in the corner where the computer will be. The chimes on our German clock will be working and at chime number three I will suddenly glance up from my book and say...............oh, I think 'Ring a Ding Girl' is on Twilight Zone today.

Hey, gotta start act one.

Que le vaya bien. linda lou


mermaid gallery said...

it all sounds comfy and cozy and home like....because you really are at home where you live now. It takes patience but i am sure it will be well worth the effort....a beautiful life does not come i wish i could hear that ring a ding thing.....

Linda Lou and Senor, Too said...

Miss Mermaid Susan! Ring a Ding Girl, my favorite, at or go to the website. You are always wise with words and so right: you are at home where you live, I need to live by those words. Thanks! LL

Jacqui said...

It's lovely to have those moments to do just what you want with no-one else around. Enjoy your time in the Twilight Zone