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Thursday, October 20, 2011

GEM, Gringo in Mexico

Buenas tardes!

We returned home on Tuesday and are settling back in to some gorgeous autumn weather and the golden glow of the afternoon sun as it falls even farther to the south.

For those of you who might recall that we would then be making a second turn around trip from Mazatlan to Alamos and back with our son, Ian, he was not able to make it. This works fine because one round trip here and back was enough. I am not sure we could have done two. We hope to see him in the new year, maybe for FAOT.

We did so many wonderful things with KD and the novio. It was great fun. One of the special events that occurred during the week was meeting GEM, Gringo in Mexico, and attending a callejoneada led by La Estudiantina.

If you are not familiar with GEM, he is a fun loving gringo who travels around Mexico, enjoying himself immensely as he fights bulls, eats grasshoppers and bares his body on nude beaches. He does a terrific job of promoting all the wonderful and exciting things this country has to offer, all the while being filmed by Televista, the Mexico television company. GEM is then seen in over forty countries by satellite.

KD and novio and I were walking near our street and suddenly, there was GEM, whose real name is Robert. We received an introduction from the promotional assistant and a personal invitation to a callejoneada the following night.

A callejoneada is a street procession that winds its way through narrow streets and alleyways while being led by La Estudiantina. A group of students dressed in thirteenth century Spanish costume, La Estuduantina plays a variety of musical instruments and sings traditional songs.
They are very dramatic, mysterious and extremely good musicians and singers. Usually when they arrive, it is from a dark alley and their entrance can be breath taking, their cloaks swaying in the breeze, the serious looks upon their faces.

In the photo below I managed to walk behind them on their entrance from a narrow street near the church. The ribbons signify their order in the troupe.

Below is GEM.

The curator of the museum introduced him and the crowd went wild. In the you tube clip below you can see that evening's event. There are several times where KD and I are in the clip, especially around the three minute mark. I don't know Robert Kalish who made the you tube, but he did a great job of capturing the excitement of the crowd.

The burro follows the callejoneada and carries bottles of red wine in the plastic bins.

I think seeing La Estudiantina perform is one of my favorite events in Alamos, and I hope you enjoy seeing the photos and the Kalish you tube. I don't know what satellite network GEM comes on in the states but I am sure if you want to see the episode of his visit to Alamos, you can find it.

Senor is playing bridge and talkzone cut off my twilight zone. They said either pay up for new episodes or you can just listen to ring a ding girl over and over again. I thought, okay, looking for something new to do now on bridge day.....................siesta is my answer.


Linda Lou and Senor, Too said...

In case you are wondering, GEM is actually Gringo en Mexico! I am obviously too lazy to change the title to the appropriate wording....jajaja, nappie! LL

Linda Lou and Senor, Too said...

ALSO, yes, it's me again. I guess you are going to have to copy and paste to see the you tube, but it's great! LL

Brenda said...

Haven't watched the YouTube video yet; but will shortly as at the moment we are watching GEM on the TV lol. He is in Taxco, Guerrero on this one.
I have never quit figured out who his program is geared to though, Spanish speakers I guess.
What did you think of him lol?

mermaid gallery said...

it all looks like so much fun!i will look for GEM online....getting chilly in canada!...time to stoke the fire....i guess you probably don't need to heat your is a cozy feeling with the golden weather.....

Anonymous said...

What a noob. I want his gig!

robyn said...

GEM airs on ch 204 unicable SKY TV on Sun 5 PM and Thurs 3 PM

Linda Lou and Senor, Too said...

Brenda, let me know if you see when the Alamos show is on! We thought he was a riot, so fun and so open and very dedicated, I think, to Mexico, and showing what a wonderful country it is. LL

Linda Lou and Senor, Too said...

Miss mermaid Susan,
I sometimes miss those chilly northwest days and nights. I do love your blog and seeing all the photos! we will stoke our fire here, too, but probably not till January! LL

Linda Lou and Senor, Too said...

Hola anonymous! I love that word! NOOB! Thanks for providing the link. I really enjoyed seeing and meeting him. If you hear when the Alamos show is on, please let us know. My friend, Robyn, has included the times and days. Yes, what a job!!!!!!! LL

Linda Lou and Senor, Too said...

Robyn, have you got sky over there? If you do and you hear when this is on, you better be calling me to come for a visit. LL