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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Hats and Hair

Hola! Buenas tardes!
Now, don't remind me if it is buenas or buenos. Regardless, I am never going to remember. What I do know is it is the afternoon............

And this morning was not quiet. Horses were going down our street before dawn and while it was a beautiful sound, that is what kept me awake.

The horses were coming down, with their riders, from the ranch country. Beyond the Chalaton barrio is ranch land and the campo, countryside. Many people in town keep their horses up there, so they spent a great deal of time getting up there and back down to town for the Dia de Revolucion parade.

I always enjoy going to this parade, and as I have said many times, it's the ninos who are the most fun to photograph. Since this will my be fourth time to post photos from the parade I have decide to just do something different. If you want to see every school banner and the children marching in their uniforms, every sports team, all the drill teams, the military, the bands, the cannon, all the pyramids, the dancing children, the karate wood block choppers, the cyclists AND the ten teams of cheerleaders, you can re visit the past posts from the Day of the Revolution, November twentieth, or look in the labels to the right where you should find them under events or celebrations, but today you will see.............................. hats and hair.

and there was a lot of it..................
The hats, of course, that everyone goes to the parade to see are those of the vaqueros and their caballos. The photo above is only a small sampling of the sea of white hats that continues down the street. They always bring up the end of a parade with a dramatic entrance. This is what people go to the parade for. Well, aside from seeing their friends and being seen, this is what they go to see, the cowboys and their horses..

It was good to find out they were holding the celebration today. I was very afraid they would go US on us and have it tomorrow so they could have a three day weekend. It turns out tomorrow will be a holiday, so there will be a three day weekend after all. The Tecate store was stacking tables and chairs into trucks and beer cases were going out the door at a rapid speed. Fireworks are going off through out town and I expect a full blown fiesta night since many people will take tomorrow off.

We will also take tomorrow off and head north. Our first trip to the states in almost a year. We are going up by bus to Tucson and then flying to Dallas.

We went to Navajoa last week and got Senor a senior card. When you turn sixty in Mexico, you are considered a senior and a special card can get you a good discount on a bus ride.

Supposedly, the card is easy to get, maybe so if you are better prepared. We thought we had all the necessary items, but we forgot to make copies, so after several trips for copies, and lots of paper work, fingerprints, a break so the worker behind the desk could have lunch, Senor got his card.

A quick trip over to the TUFESA bus line to buy tickets for the express bus, reading the ticket closely on the way home, wishing we could return and exchange them for the express bus, well, it took all day.

So we are taking the not so express bus to Tucson and will probably have to wait at the border for all the folks who do not have any paperwork to be removed from the bus and told, no, you do not get to go to the United States today, but our flight does not leave Tucson until Tuesday, plenty of time to hang out at the border, no problema.

I am patiently waiting for Senor to get his laundry out of the washing machine so I can put mine in. Then I am going to pack. Bag packing will be done last minute by Senor, I am sure just right before the taxi pulls up at five thirty to take us down to the bus station.

So here is wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!
Que le vaya bien! Linda lou


Anonymous said...

I loved this post - your photos are wonderful! Have a good trip and a happy Thanksgiving.


mermaid gallery said...

I love your natural style of just pours out and it is so refreshing and authentic and real and interesting....the children are gorgeous...such handsome people!....that's a male trait all right...last minute prep is so exhausting to watch....chill...sounds like a lot of patience may be in order....have a wonderful time!...H. T. 2 u 2....cheers! susan

Nancy said...

I love your pictures, Linda. People in Alamos seem to know how to enjoy themselves.

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

(oh, and since it's La Tarde, you use buenas. El Dia is buenos)

Jacqui said...

Hi LL. We are currently enjoying quality California time with our friends having had a great Thanksgiving with them. Hope you have a great trip too. We go back to the UK on Thursday. Not looking forward to the 11 hour flight.

Anonymous said...

new to your blog -- I missed the cabo San Lucas Parade..and I was so looking forward to it.. like what I see in yours..

Linda Lou and Senor, Too said...

yennifer! smooch smooch! we had a wonderful time in Texas. Hope your Thanksgiving was also a great one! Love you, LL

Linda Lou and Senor, Too said...

Miss Mermaid Susan, thank you, and I hope everyone takes a moment to visit your blog and see your wonderful photos! Absolutely beautiful!

Linda Lou and Senor, Too said...

Hola Nancy, thanks and I love your latest photo of Consuelo, she is a doll!

Linda Lou and Senor, Too said...

jacqui, hope it was good for you in CA and you did not get caught up in all the wind storms! I think an 11 hour flight is much preferable to our bus ride! LL

Linda Lou and Senor, Too said...

Kirsteen, welcome to the blog and I look forward to checking up on what you are doing in baja. have a wonderful Christmas! LL

Jacqui said...

L.L. The wind storms hit on our last day in CA and we brought them home with us. However, it did shorten our flight somewhat due to a 100 mph tailwind!

But on balance I agree, better than your bus trip.

Gin said...

Hi Linda, kinda late checking in. Loved the pics, I was surprised to see our nieto (in spirit), Jorghito in the 6th frame. He's the little guy in the black costume with the big, black sombrero. We've loved him since his birth, he calls John abuelo Nash. Keep up the blogs you are an americano link to Alamos.