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Saturday, January 21, 2012

It's All About the Boots Now

Buen dia!
I have been home for four days and am loving the balmy Mexico weather after a week in Breckenridge, Colorado with KD.
Below is this morning's gorgeous sunrise.

Breckenridge is not only a snow covered little fairy land covered with thousands of tiny white lights, it is also a ten thousand foot wonder land of lodge pole pines, cedar, fir and aspen. The photo below is what I woke to each morning. It is both breath taking and breathless. The scenery is magical but I was out of breath the moment I hit Denver. By Day Four I was somewhat acclimated, but it was often a real effort to get out of the car and into Starbucks.

Here is the Breckenridge Starbucks. Like most of the businesses, it is an older Victorian house with fireplaces and wood floors. I loved going in here every morning with KD, plugging in her lap top and making wedding plans. There were also a few nights when she went to the gym and I hunkered down in an overstuffed chair by the fire with a few other late night regulars. I don't think they came to know me by my drink though, instead it was my 1980's dark green Columbia jacket which really stood out against all the beautiful snug and sexy ski parkas in there.When we weren't busy discovering how to make paper flowers, looking at table top arrangements, or reading about baking a high altitude four level cake, an idea we decided to ditch by the way, we were taking in the sights. Below we are on the gondola which got stuck on the cable for about half an hour. KD joked about the unlucky person at the top who could not make it out the gondola door in time, until I reminded her of the day she could not get off the lift at Whistler and rode the chair around the turn and had to jump off into snow over her seven year old head. Then we laughed and the gondola suddenly lurched forward on its merry way.

We shopped all the Main Street stores where I fell in love with cowboy boots but wisely decided against paying four hundred for a pair when I live in leather country and can get a smart green pair for less than fifty.

We made several trips to the outdoor church where KD and Darin will get married in July. Nestled under the tall evergreen trees, a small wooden platform seems to float in the ankle deep snow. Concrete benches curve into an amphitheater covered in marshmallow white drifts and a bubbling creek runs through the bowl and under the platform to the sparkling river. It is a lovely setting in the winter and I look forward to seeing it in summer, too.

On Saturday, late in the afternoon and half way through the third appointment in Denver, she said yes to the dress. When she came out of the dressing room (and by now everyone was watching her on her fifth dress), not an eye was dry. It was pretty obvious the dress was made just for her and her own sparkling eyes left no doubt.

I can tell you this much. Yes, she is wearing those cowboy boots with her dress and yes, her bridesmaids are wearing their cowboy boots and I am still on the fence, thinking yes, I can wear cowboy boots, no I can't, yes, I can. I will let you know which way I fall..........

Que le vaya bien!!!!!
Linda lou


Jacqui said...

Always nice to visit, always nice to get back home. The wedding venue looks wonderful, be really nice to see the summer photos.

Anonymous said...

what a gorgeous sunrise. loving japan but could use some beach time. alas that will have to wait till we visit miami this summer.

i love breckenridge. used to ski there quite a bit when i lived in denver 30 some years ago. funny how high altitude affects some more than others. i was in breckenridge 10 years ago and ran 10 miles early one morning. even though it was summer, it was mighty cold. the altitude didn't affect me at all. ah, that was when i was in much better shape than i am now.

glad your daughter found "The Dress"

take care and enjoy the sunshine and warm weather.

teresa in nagoya

Linda Lou and Senor, Too said...

Hi jacqui! Yes, I look forward to seeing it in summer also. It will be beautiful I am sure!

Linda Lou and Senor, Too said...

great to hear from you. i hope you are enjoying Japan. yes, when we lived in Santa Fe in the 70's, the altitude never bothered me and traveling to high elevations did not seem to matter. maybe it is all about age!!!

Nancy said...

Oh, I think you can wear cowboy boots, of course you can!

Sounds like a wonderful visit and I wouldn't mind a day in the snow myself.

Taos Sunflower said...

How fun! Cowboy boots for a wedding are just the ticket here in the Rockies! (PS Love Breckenridge. Thanks for the photos. Wish we had a Starbucks like that in Taos.)

1st Mate said...

I have a pair of black cowboy boots I bought in Oklahoma and I LOVE them. They were comfortable they day I bought them. I wear them in winter here in Mexico. They don't have very pointy toes or high heels, but they look cool just the same. Just wish it was easier to get the boot off the right foot, but that's the Capt's job.

Barb said...

Say yes to the boots!

Linda Lou and Senor, Too said...

Thanks nancy, Martie, Bliss and Barb for all of your comments. I love the stories. I am surprised Taos doesn't have a Starbucks like that one and yes, it was nice to be in the snow, fo awhile!!. Well, a pair of non pointy toe ones might be very nice and well, maybe I will say yes. I am still on the fence. I need to go to town and look at some boots and then think about it some more!