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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Nine Empty Cans of Juice

Buenas tardes!
Hola! Hola!

I missed all of January and February. Except for my trip to Colorado to help KD buy her wedding dress, I did nothing but cut, file, grind, fuse and polish glass all day and more than a few all nights. The Alamos Silver Festival was a success for me and I am presently on vacation in Mexico.

So naturally I have been wandering around and wondering what I can find to do.

The project was so clear I practically tripped over it as I was walking.
Below is the master bedroom to be. I suddenly realized that I could barely make it through the room. When I was not looking something had occurred here. And I was as much to blame as Senor.

We have accumulated a number of books which had now been stacked to towering heights. These towers were taking over two corners of the room and many books had spilled over onto the floor. Magazines were sliding off each other while in the other corner assorted bags of stuff were laying in and around the fireplace. Crafting supplies left over from Christmas were on the seats of all the chairs. Electrical cords and outdoor landscape wiring was on top of the stacked twin beds adding to the mess.

I went to Senor and told him a trip to Home Depot in Obregon was necessary so we could buy some shelves. I could not stand the mess in that room and the lack of organization for one more second. Senor always knows when I mean business. We locked up and left, returning later in the day with three large packages of Made in the USA plastic shelving units.

Here are two of them below. The one on the right looks like it is falling over. It is just the photo angle. It is as sturdy as can be and really did the job. I felt better immediately. The books were not all over the floor and the magazines were in neat piles. There was even room left over on the shelves for Ian's Playmobile ponies, our papier mache' old man and woman and a carved wooden horse's head we bought years ago on the beach in Puerta Vallarta.

However, it did not completely resolve my issues. By the next morning, bags of nails and electrical covers and wiring were on the floor. I could not get to the shelves.I looked in the closet and took notice of all the tools and construction supplies laying everywhere. It was not possible for me to get in there to fill the storage bins with some of the things still out in the room.

Then I had this great idea, paralleled by none other, ever.

Could I move Senor's tools and all those supplies and reorganize it all onto the remaining shelf unit? Would Senor notice? Would Senor care? Would Senor get cranky? Would Senor yell? Would Senor be happy? Would Senor say............ooh, I love you so much and thank you for reorganizing all my tools and stuff?

I decided to sleep on it.

In the morning I realized he had so much stuff that the last shelving unit would not be enough. I chose to bag it.

Senor told me he had been invited to shoot some pool that afternoon. I told him I would drop him off because I needed to run an errand. He did not ask where I was going. I dropped him off and quickly drove to Navajoa where I bought a packaged Hecho en Mexico shelving unit.

Before Senor returned I had cleared out his tools and supplies and had room for the sturdy Made in USA unit which I filled with all of his tools, in the same order I had picked them up from wherever they had been laying. Loose screws, pieces of paper, chunks of wood, empty boxes, empty orange juice cans, pencils, string. All of these things got placed on the shelves, along with the drills and sanders, the saws and blades, the screwdrivers and wrenches, just in the order I found them.

I was rolling right along and feeling very confident that Senor would be happy when I realized I could not follow the instructions on the Hecho en Mexico shelf unit. I had planned to have all of this completed by the time Senor returned, but instead I had to ask him to put the not so sturdy shelf unit together for me.

He said very little. I know what he was thinking. He has this uncanny ability to raise one eyebrow much higher than the other and that says it all right there. He looked at the Hecho en Mexico unit, with its funky little rubber pieces that were supposed to fit beneath each shelf and clamp tight to its support. I left the room. Other than a few what the 5247's from in there, I heard and saw nothing for awhile.

The Hecho en Mexico unit on the right is bowing slightly outward. Senor said that is just how it is going to be and that it probably will not ever fall over. He looked a little frustrated so, I said............don't worry, i am not throwing away a single thing.....................i am putting your things back on the shelves as much like i found them as was pool by the way............. After he left the room I checked the shelves. He was right. It will probably never fall over. So I filled it up with his stuff.

While doing this last shelf I made an honorary decision, to be dishonorable. I decided that if I had ten empty juice cans and at present, nothing of what appeared to be of great value to put in them, why should I have ten empty juice cans? Especially when I can always get more if I should need them. Of course, not that I have ten empty juice cans. But I happen to know someone who does.
There is a truth to this. I did not throw away a SINGLE thing.......................
Hasta manana! linda lou


mermaid gallery said...

i have a husband much like senor....if i tidy up his mess...i had better not throw out a thing....but the building they do and the progress they make with all of that junk is, we clean up....and try not to upset them....and love all the cool stuff they do.....but that mess has just got to go! good helpers!!!!the fused glass must be looking good too!

Linda Lou and Senor, Too said...

hola Mermaid Susan! yep, they do good work!

~~kattz*cottage~~ said...

Great tool makeover job girl!! Everything looks so nice & tidy & could Senor not love it! I'm sure you are happy to have everything off the floor & in it's place!! I'm still working on my sewing room makeover!

Taos Sunflower said...

This is hysterical!

Linda Lou and Senor, Too said...

hey girl, I don't know, Senor did not talk to me for whole day............

Linda Lou and Senor, Too said...

Martie!!!!!!!! has its price........i need to blog about that. i notice no men are making any comments about this.........