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Monday, July 2, 2012

Rocky Mountain High

Hola! Just want to share a few photos with you and give you a little update on things.

Senor and I stayed on the back roads through Arizona, New Mexico and Colorado, and took our time driving to Breckenridge. The first photo was taken in north western New Mexico near Two Grey Hills, where we stopped and visited the Navajo Weaving Museum. The next was our first view of some of the devastating wild fires in Colorado. This one was near Durango, in the west. Then, a photo of the still snowy mountains that surround Breckenridge and one of the old Cowboy Mine here in Breckenridge.
Lastly, a photo of the wedding stage at the Agape church. You have seen it in the snow, but now, the wildflowers are out and the creek is flowing under the stage and out to the Blue River. It is a beautiful setting.

We have been in Breckenridge now for a week and it has been a busy one. Lots of wedding preparation, lots of wedding errands. Darin's family has arrived, and our family members begin arriving tomorrow. I have been making lots of cranes and paper pinwheels.

Breckenridge is packed with people. It is definitely a popular vacation spot, river rafting, zip lining, gondola rides to the tops of the mountains and endless hiking trails. Everyone rides a bike and the bike paths connect all of the Summit County mountain towns.

Tall firs, pines, cottonwoods and aspens are shimmering in the sunlight and the rivers are sparkling. Everyone here is on their own Rocky Mountain High.

Senor has his fly rod and a few new flies he bought in Pagosa Springs and tomorrow is fishing day. He will get a break from using the gas grill at our condo.

I tagged along with KD and Darin when they went for their marriage license and signed the registry book.
It is all coming together and we are excited for all of our family to begin arriving. I am especially eager for the ladies to get here so they can help me finish making all this great wedding stuff. Okay I have to run. We are due at the next event.
Quickly though, here is the rain update. It began on the 22nd and Nedra Johnson Cook of Tennessee guessed the day and the closest time. The wonderful thing about this is my sister and I grew up with Nedra in the Piney Woods of East Texas, in Carthage. We recently reconnected with Nedra through Facebook. What wonderful memories we have.
So the pendant has found its home and thank you to everyone who joined in the fun! We will do it again next year!
Que le vaya bien! Linda Lou and Senor, too, in Breckenridge, Colorado


Taos Sunflower said...

What a magical place for a wedding!

Anonymous said...

The old scout has been tying flies, the faux birch bark is ready, my boots are packed .... see you manana!