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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Senor's Garden and a Christmas Trip

Buenos dias and Feliz Ano Nuevo!

Here are a few photos of Senor's garden. He did not plant anything until the end of November and he lost most of the little plants that came up. We checked for ants and other critters and found nothing. Our planting soil in the past has been excellent, but now he is wondering about the soil he has. So this is what is in the garden today. Teeny tiny lettuce, a little corn, carrots and beans and peas, all very little. We will see what happens, but as he says............this year is just an experiment.

The system works great though, the drip irrigation is perfect and the garden size is just right. I have seen a few gardens that are full of lush vegetables and greens and fruits, so not sure if we got a late start or just a slow start. I will keep you posted.

Our trip to El Fuerte for Christmas was just what we wanted, very relaxing, a lot of walking, shopping, eating at our favorite Sinaloa taco stands and movies and food shows on the tv at La Choza, an old hotel on the Plaza. El Fuerte has one of the prettiest Plazas we have seen, with flowing fountains, huge palms and cascading bouganvillea.  So, here are a few of the photos.

 We were not able to get the fishing in. We could not fish in town off the Malecon because there are a lot of net fishermen there. So we scouted around the outskirts of town, but could not find any banks clear enough of brush. The popular fish though, in town, is big black bass.

 Below is the large Municipal building, the Palacio. El Fuerte is much larger than Alamos and the Palacio is enormous.

 We also took a side trip north of El Fuerte to Choix (pronounced Choice). Still much larger than Alamos, but old and also a Pueblo Magico. It is on the road that heads up into the Copper Canyon, which you can see in the background behind the arches, but is not on the El Chepe train stop like El Fuerte is.
 This is the Palacio in Choix and then photos of the beautiful gazebo, the church and a newer building which is similar to a Mirador, or view point.

 On Sunday we had a cold, all day long rain. Everything turned to mud. I don't even need to show you any photos of that mess. Stepping off the portal was risky. I am happy to say there are no leaks in the West Wing and no leaks in the portal roof. So we lit a fire in the bathroom to be of the West Wing and read most of the day, either there or under the covers in the bedroom.

  Monday meant steady clean up, sweeping and drying out things that got left in the rain because someone forgot to bring them inside. Now we have rain again in the forecast. The couches are covered in black plastic and are huddled against the wall, as far under the varro blanco roof as possible and a stiff wind is tingling wind chimes, tilting bird feeders and spooking the cat. Senor is off soon to play bridge and I am going to see if joining Mexico Netflix has paid off.

For anyone who wants to see many, many more photos of El Fuerte and Chiox or anything else for that matter, you can go to Glasspondstudio's Facebook page and message me. I always post what photos I can here on the blog and then, more on Facebook.

I also want to take a moment to thank all of our blog followers who purchased glass jewels from Glasspondstudio this Christmas. It was very special to hear from people who follow our blog and who also follow my Etsy shop. Thanks to people in Estonia, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Japan, Italy and the USA and Mexico. Enjoy your jewels and Happy New Year to everyone! 
Linda Lou and Senor, too.........


~~kattz*cottage~~ said...

Beautiful pictures of a fun Christmas adventure! Looks like you had a wonderful holiday!! Happy New Year!!!!

Nicole Beadwright Campanella said...

This is the perfect way to spend any day but for the holidays that is great.

Jacqui said...

Happy New Year, hoping 2013 is a good year for you and Senor. I shall watch progress on his garden with interest as I struggled to grow anything when in Spain, the conditions were definitely challenging.