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Monday, February 25, 2013

Alamos Antojitos ~ Saturday Market Day in Alamos

Earlier this year I spent some time with a very sweet friend, Marcella, who with her husband, Rodrigo, was visiting their son and his family who live here in Alamos. Marcella explained antojitos to me............they are little bites, little cravings, little tastes...........but!.......they are not just about is something you need to have right away.......yes, maybe food, but maybe a new hat, a new plate, a picture for the sala, any little thing.....any immediate craving.

It took me a while to fully comprehend this cultural saying and slowly I have come to realize that Alamos is filled with little antojitos. Many of them are hidden and you don't know you crave them until you come and practically fall into them. I am going to share one with you......

If you have visited Alamos you may remember La Puerta Roja, The Red Door. Once a beautiful  bed and breakfast, Teresita's Bistro now fills the back portion of the old inn with delicious breakfasts, lunches and dinners, and The Cremeria Alamos now is contained in much of the original house. And on Saturdays, the front portal is filled with the antojitos of Gabby's Organic Market. You can not walk away without an armload of impulse buying, which I really think is what Marcella was trying to explain to me.

Gabby, in the photo above, is an organic farmer with a garden the size of a normal city block out near the Panteon.   Not only does he have the knowledge to grow all this stuff, he has the smile to sell it.  On any given Saturday, if you are not in line outside the portal gate by nine-thirty, you may just possibly get, nothing. Once the portal gate swings open at ten, you need to be ready to advance, and not knowing exactly what will be available on this Saturday, it is the race for the antojitos that call your name.

 After your arms are filled with your first round of antojitos you will juggle your way through the crowd to the Cremeria Alamos, where some serious choices will have to be made, lemon ricotta cheese? fromage blanc? fresh jersey cow milk? tabbouleh? Every week the owner, Devorah, comes up with some new antojito that will melt in your mouth.


By now, you will wish you had brought several shopping bags with you because you are yet to work your way to Teresita's Bistro table where fresh breads and cookies spill out of wicker baskets. Gluten free specialties are available for tasting and purchasing and you won't be disappointed.
 Gabby's Market and Cremeria Alamos, and treats from the bistro are located here under the portal of the original Red Door, at Allende and Galeana Streets each Saturday from ten to noon. After you finish your shopping you may want to go around the corner to the right for a cappuccino and cinnamon roll at Teresita's Bistro.  Or return later for a crab sandwich and a glass of wine.
 Next time you are in Alamos, where will you find your antojito?


Gin said...

It's so fun to see Alamos thru your eyes. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

ahhh, just reading this made have "antojos" cravings. too bad i am on a diet. i've lost 5 lbs though. let's see what it will total on easter sunday. have fun shopping as that is when my diet is over.

teresa in nagoya

Linda Lou and Senor, Too said...

Thanks for the comments, girls. Hi Gin, will you be coming back sometime/ And Teresa, good job on your diet and yes, have some little bites when you are through with the diet! LL

Anonymous said...

La Puerta Roja was a wonderful place to stay, but this is a delightful replacement. Gorgeous photos Lin - wish I was there!


Linda Lou and Senor, Too said...

Hola yennifer,
Wish you were here, too!!!