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Every day brings a new discovery.
They are still working on the casa............Senor says, it won't be long.........but Linda Lou says, it won't be long until what..............stay tuned to find out what's next.

Friday, July 26, 2013

A Buzbillion Bees

 So I was minding my own business early this morning, out mowing the lawn at six am. They were sleeping back at 'New Old Jesus' Place', so I was trying to stay away from the back and mowing up the side of the lawn near this tree which I know is inhabited by bees. I must have pushed the mower against the tree.
There suddenly were a buzzbillion bees everywhere. At first I thought they were mayflies, but it's not May. I ran for cover and brought Senor out for a look. The air was unbelievably thick. I went to visit the Bomberos. One of them came back to take a look and said they can remove the bees at night. We have not decided what to do, but they are quiet now, possibly all over in some other yard for the day.

I could keep mowing but you know how it is when you are working on something and get interrupted.
So instead I came inside and started messing with the blog template.
What do you think? It is either this or I am going black. Please give me some comments.

Senor and I are going out to check the Rio Cuchiaqui and look for some military mackaws.
Que le vava bien, Linda Lou


Linda Lou and Senor, Too said...

I think what I want to know, is it too busy and does it make you dizzy..........LL

Nancy said...

Linda, I love the new template and I HATE black ones. But suit yourself, of course!

I am wondering if you might want to get a super and try some beekeeping? It might be fun! I just read a novel called Telling the Bees that got me in the mood... to bad I don't have a large property like you!

Paul said...

For me personally, too busy.

Linda Lou and Senor, Too said...

Thank you Nancy.
Thank you Paul.
I think it makes me dizzy, but I have yet to decide. Bee keeping, no, but thanks for the idea.LL

Linda Lou and Senor, Too said...

okay, why is the picture so big?

Anonymous said...

I like the new format, but I really don't know much about computers.

I suggest you and senor get into beekeeping. If those bees were Africanized, you would have known it right away.

Good luck there.

Robert Gill
Phoenix, AZ

Joel McCabe said...

I like the change to the template but i agree the photo is too large. Wear you beekeepers outfit next time:)
Joel, Curtis and Mateo - Alamos.

Anonymous said...

I like the new template. Picture is little to large otherwise, I think it's fine.

Linda Lou and Senor, Too said...

Thanks for the comments. Hey, Joel, Curtis and Mateo, now that the bees have settled down, I would not be able to harm them. There are so many bee keepers here in Alamos already, somehow, I just don't see myself in that outfit...maybe if they could come up with some pink and sequined...

Hello Mr. Gill, you are right about that. I would have been covered in bees pretty quickly, so I think we will just let them be. LL

Thanks, Francisco, I am adjusting to the template, but, yes, the photo is too large. however, I can't seem to get it any smaller. So until I can figure that out, it will just be big, I guess.

Jacqui said...

I quite like the new colours, it suits the Mexican theme. I personally don't like black templates.

We used to have bees in the Almond trees, the whole tree would buzz from a distance and then go quiet as you walked past. The hives were over the other side of the hill and belonged to the local farmer.

Ed said...

Linda Lou,

Sorry I have been away. My computer died a horrid death last May and took all my Blog reads to the grave with it. Have been trying to rebuild the list that I had but my long term memory is as bad as my short term one. Once I remembered that you had been on that list I could not remember your web address. Found you again today, have added you to my new list and have started to catch up on all your postings that I have missed.
When I opened your blog today I could see that you have made some changes. I like it, I never did like your old background that you had changed to.

Christine said...

I like it!

Trish said...

Ilike the new background color. Cheerful. AND I kind of like the BIG picture at the top like that.
It IS a nice picture too.

KD Kaiser said...

Mom, the template is totally you:)

Lapis Mosi said...

Love your new design. It is quirky and lively and no way is the picture too big. Big pictures do the trick.

Lapis Mosi said...

Love your new design. It is quirky and lively and no way is the picture too big. Big pictures do the trick.