Senor and Linda Lou have been in Pueblo Alamos, Sonora, Mexico for 10 years.
Every day brings a new discovery.
They are still working on the casa............Senor says, it won't be long.........but Linda Lou says, it won't be long until what..............stay tuned to find out what's next.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Minnie's House

Buenas tardes!

Did I just read that my most recent post was September 7? What the 5247! How did that happen.

I have been busy, honest, and here are some of my excuses for ignoring you:

From May to October I worked nearly around the clock on to complete the lineage for both my dad and my mom's side of the family. And I did it, just in time for a family reunion we had in Texas in October. Senor was so sick of me being on the computer.  I was able to put together a nine generation poster for our family and a book as well that traced many of our grandparents back for fifteen generations. And to put the whipped cream on the chocolate my youngest brother agreed to spit in the DNA tube and find out where the heck we came from. And, that's all another story for someday.

Senor and I took most of the summer off, rarely worked on the house; he read a lot while I was on the computer, and in October he and I drove to Phoenix, where he took a flight to Seattle and visited Ian, and then went hunting in Montana and Eastern Washington, where he got the Christmas goose. 
While he did that, I took a flight to Denver and hung out with KD for a week and then she and I flew to Dallas, and went north to Denton for a family reunion. 
Senor and I hooked up again in Phoenix and traveled around antique shopping in Globe and Miami, Arizona for awhile and then got in our shopping in Tucson and Nogales. We were gone almost the month of October and it was great!

But, that's not what this post is about.............

It's about Minnie's house.
It is being built in the lot next door to us. 
It has been going up for about a year now and it was not until last week when Senor and I took a real good look at it and's lovely.....and it's a little close.

Originally we had planned to extend our coyote fence along the fence line between the two properties. The coyote fence, made of varro blanco posts is light and airy and rustic. You can see right through it and not lose the vista, but now as you will see in the next two photos, we are taking down the brush and any trees that are right on the property line and are going to extend the adobe wall. We are choosing to do this because if we don't, we are going to be looking right into Minnie's outside lights and her portal. It wasn't until her workers did the outside electricity that we realized this was going to be the choice.
We spent days on the portal, moving our chairs around..........will we see the outside lights from here?........from here?...............from here?

 Minnie's house did not come as a surprise .
 We knew she owned the property and planned to build there someday. And the house they are building is very pretty, but it did take away some of the views we were so fond of.

So here are our goodbyes, most of them are now behind Minnie's house...... 
Goodbye, to the car that gets driven down Loma Guadalupe Hill each evening at 7pm.
 Goodbye Teresita's tall elegant dining windows clad in sparkling Christmas lights.
Goodbye Lynne's happy and brilliant bouganvillia that covers her walls.
Goodbye to the red tipped glows of the miner's evening cigars.
Goodbye Annabelle's outdoor light that flickers on and off in the slightest breeze.
Goodbye to the lady we don't know who gets up on her roof to set up her easel and paint.
Goodbye to Addy's Christmas tree that glows on a cold December night.
And goodbye to the lush date palm that glows at night with a soft yellow light.
So good to know you, but now we will get to know new views around here that will tantalize our minds and keep us always curious.
Now I am starting to feel sappy, like I just rewrote the words to Goodnight, Moon......

Okiedoke, take a look at Minnie's pretty  house.

The house has beautiful arches .From her portal she has outstanding views of all of Mt Alamos and the hills east and west. Her house is definitely in a pretty spot.
In the photo above I am standing right on the edge of our portal. The property line is about three feet away from the edge of the portal. So right there our wall will be pretty close to the edge of the portal. As you can see, her house is farther down in the lot, right about in the middle and her lot goes from one street to the other.

Above, we are taking down the tree that is right on the fence line.We will still be able to see the beautiful tall palm trees on the right of the photo. And right about where Senor is standing on the ladder I think we will be putting a fountain in the wall and some niches for candles. The wall from this edge of the portal will be about as tall as the fence post you can see, so we should still have our mountain view and even more, the farther back on the portal we are sitting.

Our portal, looking the same with its pretty dirt floor. Senor promises we are going to be putting in the sub floor soon. I have actually grown fond of the dirt and it is maintenance free, very little sweeping.
Our cozy sala which is going to be wonderful when it is finished because it is already wonderful now.

And on Dia de Los Muertos as it poured down rain, we lit our first pinon fire of the year.

Que le vaya bien to all our blogger and facebook friends. I promise to get back to you soon! Love Linda Lou


Anonymous said...

Linda, Did you realize that Ida Estes Franklin (the lady buried in Alamos) lived in Globe Arizone for several years and, apparently, her husband, Walter Sr. is buried there? (But I still can't find anything about Thomas and Helene Wood)

Anonymous said...

It is good to have you back. There are bloggers and then there are blog readers. When one falls silent, us readers are left wondering. I hope you had a good time. Minnie's house looks like it is going to be real nice. I hope she will be a good neighbor.

Good luck and keep in touch.

Robert Gill
Phoenix, Arizona

Ralph and Chris said...

Glad you are back. I can totally identify with the obsession with Ancestry. Since I've retired I've spent countless hours on that site getting my family history ducks in a row. One thing leads to another and the next thing I know I'm wondering where my day went. The trips sound fun, glad you guys got a nice break. Looking forward to more updates.

Calypso said...

You can never count on your view remaining the same in Mexico - there is no honor among thieves when it comes to robbing a view - sadly.

Sometimes a lovely view is worth going after as opposed to being in-your-face I suppose....

Linda Lou and Senor, Too said...

Thank you, everyone for the comments. Larry, no, I did not know that about Ida Louise. I intend to look her up on and see what I can find. I know you remember Walter JR is buried here, below her. maybe I can search the woods on the site as well, or maybe you have done this already. helene's maiden name was Adams.

The Panteon was incredible clean this year and WET>>>

Linda Lou and Senor, Too said...

Thank you, Mr. Gill, we did have a wonderful time and now it is time to get back to the house. Rosario is working on the trench for the wall as I write. I know you enjoy the building aspects of the house and soon as there is something to show i'll let you know.I think she is going to be a great neighbor. mil gracias! LL

Linda Lou and Senor, Too said...

chris, I know, each time I thought I was finished, something else popped up. I am going to keep my account for awhile and do some more research...slowly though. I was fast at it for so long, but I do think my parents love their poster and the book also, so it was well worth the time. My aunt started it all years ago and when she passed away my mother gave me her research, about 10 thick 4 inch binders, yucka, that was the chore, going through all of those!!!

Linda Lou and Senor, Too said...

Calypso, this is true anywhere, not just Mexico. I did just watch a BBC report about selling the air space over head in NYC. Maybe I could sell my airspace, promising to not go up a story, LOL
(and I am truly am joking, I am anti steps) LL

Anonymous said...

Love the photos. Your portal and sala look great. Glad you got to see KD and all the Hughens. Miss you.
Abrazos y besitos,

Brenda Maas said...

Glad you are back, missed you.

Anonymous said...

Photos of the progress on the house will really be appreciated. Your husband is a really lucky man. Not many men get to build the house of their dreams.

I bet that fire place drew just like it was supposed to.

Years ago, we thought we would retire in Mexico, but then we had kids and grand kids. Now, my wife will not be more than a couple of miles away from the grand kids.

Good luck,

Robert Gill

Nikki Wells said...

Hi Linda,
Us "blog readers" as Mr. Gil wrote sure did miss you. But I am happy that you had such a lovely time. I had to comment because as I was reading your goodbyes I was thinking how similar it was to Goodnight Moon, and then sure enough you mentioned it!! I didn't get a chance to go to our panteon here in Navojoa this year because I was the designated baby sitter but I here it was lovely as well. Hope you all are enjoying the cooler weather as much as we are.

Linda Lou and Senor, Too said...

Nikki, hey! so good to hear from you, how's life in Navajoa? some day we need to meet at caffenio! LL

Linda Lou and Senor, Too said...

Brenda, hola......!
and Yennifer, miss you, too.

Nikki said...

Hi Linda,
Life is good here, busy with three little ones but good. I tend to get a bit nostalgic around this time of year but with each year that passes it gets easier. I miss all the fall decorations/festivities from the U.S. I did figure out how to make my own pumpkin spice cappuccino without a cappuccino machine so that is something ;) And I just saw turkeys at Sam's this morning. We definitely have to meet up sometime. There is also a very fun looking coffee shop in town called Mi Cafecito (they are on Facebook). I haven't had a chance to go but I have heard good things about them. Hope you are having a lovely day.