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Sunday, May 10, 2015

Feliz Dia de Madre

Feliz Dia de Madre!
The serenading truck finally made it onto our street!
 I have been waiting for years for it to come up or down Calle Durango and finally it did........... this morning at 3am!

Each year, on Mother's Day, around midnight, a band loads up onto a flat bed and drives through the barrios, playing a variety of music to greet all the mothers of Alamos and wish them a happy day. 
There are a lot of drums, cymbals and cow bells and it is a huge loud fiesta on wheels.
  Each Mother's Day, I can hear the band as it moves with a caravan of trucks and people through the streets, but never our street.

I could hear them last night and I thought......maybe, maybe, maybe. And they did.
Of course I know they were not coming to just serenade me, but I was afraid they would just pass me by very quickly.
So I rushed out to the gate and saw them coming up the street and started waving frantically in the hopes they would stop and serenade me. And they did.
And it was very special.

The very first year we lived here, I was serenaded on Mother's Day by guitar players and singers, a very soft serenade, right outside the casa, on the street. At the time I did not know what it was and I laid in bed, listening to the music. 
The following morning I realized that this group of musicians went around town serenading mothers, who probably like me were laying in bed listening.
Traditionally, in the old days, the mothers would go to their windows and look out and give the young men smiles or roses.
Last year I talked to a few of my Mexicana friends about it and they said they usually sleep right through the music. How they can do that I don't know. It is very loud.

So, now that they have been on my street and have seen how I rush to the gate and jump up and down and wave like a totally insane gringa at something so simple, I hope they will remember me next year.

After going to the tiangus for my traditional Mother's Day mango and papaya, I spent the day bird watching and that did not disappoint me. Our portal has become a flyway that goes from our large mesquite tree to the big mesquite in Minnie's yard. The orioles have built their 'sock' nest over there, but spend much of their time in our yard.  They seem to love wind chimes as much as I do.
Feliz Dia de Madre to everyone out there and que le vaya bien!
Linda Lou


Anonymous said...

What a sweet tradition, but not at 3am. I enjoy reading your blog. Thanks for a view of Mexico that I've never seen.

Linda Lou and Senor, Too said...

Ahhhh, thanks, Francisco. yes, a sweet tradition. I am very glad you enjoy the blog. Mil gracias!!