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Every day brings a new discovery.
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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Finally, a sunny day in the Valley

on the suspension bridge looking south to the bridge where the Tolt and Snoqualmie Rivers meet and on the suspension bridge looking north toward Mt. Baker and steelhead fishermen

It is a fabulous day here finally, after days and days of rain and dark billowing clouds and swift winds and wet shoes and cold ears and white fingers...I went to the river after work and saw so many people out enjoying the sunshine. It is bright and sparkling on the water, a little taste of spring time.
This is the old wooden suspension bridge over the Snoqualmie River down in the town of Carnation, at Tolt McDonald Park. I have never, ever been able to cross the bridge by myself, but one day last summer I went across the bridge all by myself WITH my eyes open. Can you believe that?? I have always had to hold onto someone.

If you are interested you can read that whole story at my website, . It's in the archived pages, and it was a day for the history books.

And I am so proud of myself because I went on it again today was a little harder because there were alot of kids on the bridge, making it sway. I don't sway very well and I had to grab the railing a couple of times.

You can see the Cascade Mountains in these photos.

This is the photo from the house today. You can see alot of new snowfall in the mountains. Most of the land you see behind the tall trees and the mountains is Weyerhauser poperty. You can get a seasonal permit to spend time hiking and camping on the land. The tall cedars and firs are across the street from my house. You can just barely see the river in the lower foreground of the photo.

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