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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Sunrise, wind and flying bbq grills

I can't let 2007 go without sharing these photos. Tree 2007..sometime I will tell you about our high country tree cutting excursions......... this is tall tree #22, so there are alot of stories....

sorry, I have no idea how to turn this tree around, you will have to turn your head around instead

This New Year's Day, at sunrise, fat cat cookies and skinny ashes were playing tag, jumping up on the bed and running across us as we tried to sleep, so I got up and snapped this photo.

I tried to get a few more, one of the flooded river below because it, too, was pink, and then, my camera died.

Throughout the night and all day long we have been bashed with a powerful windstorm. Normally we lose power, but here we are, dark outside and nice and bright inside.

The Cascade Foothills are notorious for big windstorms. the winds come from Puget Sound and whip across Bellevue, go right over our house and go out and hit the Cascades and bounce right back onto our hill. We have been here 22 years and have had at least 3 or 4 times that many power outages. Last year our power was out for 11 days. Our house got down to 46 degrees, even with a fire going constantly. Power finally came on the day before we were supposed to host the neighborhood Christmas party. Some people dropped by during the power outage to make sure we would have the party, even in the dark, so for a week in the dark, or light of many flashlights, I ran around crazily trying to clean this house to get ready for about 80 people, power or no power. Anyway, that's a great story and you can read it on my website under newspages at .

Needless to say, after a huge wind gust sent our new heavy propane barbeque grill flying off our deck this afternoon, I decided to not fire up the kiln. It can get messy if the power goes out and no, we don't have a generator. In fact, we dislike generators sounds like a truck has parked outside and forgotten to put it in gear and go.

Maybe we will kiln tomorrow...oops, a tree just hit the ground somewhere back in the woods and the whole house shook. Now I am sure the power will go out soon.

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