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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

I Hate Painting

What a gorgeous day April 1st is.

I just took the photo above. After a stormy night that was filled with thunder and lightning and beautiful big white snowflakes, this is what we have. There is now a lot of snow in the Cascades. Hopefully the valley will not see too much flooding this spring.....

Here is last night's snow. Snowflakes were huge and without wind, they reminded of us the snowfalls we had when we lived in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

As you can tell from the title of this little story, I am really tired of painting. I have been painting since March 3rd, the day after I left my job with Starbucks. Sometimes when I am really moping around and feeling sorry that I have had to do all this painting, I think that if I were still working I wouldn't have to paint!! How fun is that thought!

But, I also know that unless I want to still be here in a month, I have to keep plugging away at it.

So, here is the status of the situation.

I still have a few walls to paint....the good news about that is Craig is also here painting. Parts of our house have 20 and 30 foot ceilings. So he is painting everything above where I have stopped (at 8 feet) and then, he will stain the outside of the house. Nice....

And this is what is happening at our house today....Bill is still working on the bathroom downstairs. He has put in the cabinets and tiled the floor. Carlos is cleaning up the earth house hillside which is right next door to us. Dave is pressure washing the outside of the house. Craig is painting...I am not.....everytime we turn around there is something to be done.......

Now some really great news...I fixed our cable tv! I am very proud of myself! I finally figured out how to hook it back up. We have never been huge tv people and as you know already, we only recently got Comcast cable. I just did not know how much I would like watching it.

So, the first night we watched Living with the Mek. I had terrible dreams all night about pigs chasing me and after I kept falling off bridges onto bamboo sticks, we decided to give up that show.
A brand new Ice Road Truckers is starting soon, and of course, that is why we got cable and the huge tv in the first place!! So now the huge tv is across the street at our neighbor's house and our tv is very small, but we will soon see my favorite show.
We will just have to move our 2 chairs a little closer to the screen.....and wear our glasses..
Now, I am going to the nursey to buy some planters and plants to brighten up the deck and we will hope the snow is done for the season......

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