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Every day brings a new discovery.
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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Roger That and 10-4 Good Buddy

A bright beautiful sunrise this Saturday morning. This is gorgeous and 30 seconds later, I took the photo below. Last night the sun turned parts of the valley gold............still lots of new snow on the peaks.I have a new job........truck driver lady.
Yes, a week ago I learned to drive the truck.
It took a few spins down the hill and back, with Bill in the passenger seat, passenger driving, but I am good with long as I focus on my immediate area. If I glance at the passenger seat I realize how wide el trucko is and I get a little clammy. I have to go very slowly down the driveway so I don't take out any more lights, and parking? Forget it, I definately take up two spaces, but other wise, it is all good.

So, I plan to recap for you my entire week as the driver of the truck, doer of all road required jobs so Bill and anyone else working here can just stay here and get the job done....

On Monday:

I went to the nursery in Snohomish for the Thundercloud plum trees

I went to Lowes 3 times

I went to the door store in Seattle

I went to the gravel pick up place 3 times

total mileage: 438

On Tuesday:

I went to the gravel pick up place 3 times

I went to Lowes 3 times

I went back to the nursery

I fit in a trip to Starbucks

I went to the pharmacy

total mileage: 260

On Wednesday:

I went to the dirt pick up place 4 times

I went to Lowes 3 times

I went to Fred Meyer

I went to a different nursery

total mileage:190

On Thursday:

I went to the bark pick up place 4 times

I went Lowes 1 time

I went to the market

I went to buy Carlos (new Carlos) lunch

total mileage: 135

On Friday:

I went to BMC to pick up lumber

I went to Lowes 2 times

I went to the bark pick up place 3 times

I went to the door store in Seattle

total mileage: 224

There is no such thing as getting in the truck and going to all these places and then going back home. There is also no such thing as one stop shopping.... Everything that Bill needs is spread out all over town.

Don't even think about calculating the gas costs for me. I am ignoring that part of the driving.

However, if you add up the mileage it comes to 1,247. From our home, it is 1,220 miles to Tucson, Arizona, where we plan to get our storage unit. From there it is another 500 miles south to Alamos. I could practically be laying on the beach somewhere in Mexico by now......
A few things are left in our living room.....and in the photo below, you can see the balcony above the living room where Craig will do some touch up when he gets back from spring break at the beach (where I am NOT)
These are the new thundercloud plum trees, and the flagstone pathway that Carlos made. The earth house is to the right. These trees, from are gorgeous and I highly recommend the drive to Snohomish to get a few for your yard.....

Outside the truck is waiting for me, wondering why I haven't started her up yet. Be there in a few, spanish class this morning...

Roger that and 10-4 good buddy.

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