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Friday, November 21, 2008

I had a Dream last Night...........

........................about one of the nice little ladies that I worked with at DIF. Before I tell you about the dream, I want to tell you about her.
She is more of a senorita, maybe in her mid twenties and very, very sweet. I found out on about the 3rd day at DIF that her family lost their entire casa over in Las Delicias the night Norbert hit. Clothes, beds, all personal belongings of every family member, gone...........
She and her family spread out, staying with relatives and friends; it was neccesary for her to sleep on a small cot against a wall. One night she was bitten twice by a brown scorpion and she had to have shots and an IV at the hospital emergency room. The following morning she showed us the bites, not only were the bites big, so was her entire arm.
This whole time she was volunteering at DIF, she came every day for 14 days straight...... never complaining, never frowning, she always had a special smile and was very happy. I was always happy to see her there.
After leaving DIF, I have seen a few of the senoras and senoritas I worked with, they are always so friendly. I have great respect for them all, but I had not seen the lady who lost her home and several times she has been on my mind and I have wondered about her.
Then......i had a dream last night and in my dream, she was there, down at the alameda, walking around and shopping with two little boys. She came up to me and hugged me and we smiled and conversed for awhile. She speaks no english, but in my dream she did speak english and we talked about the weather and the mariners baseball team and Violetta, the peruvian spanish teacher Bill and I had back in Seattle. Then the dream ended.
This morning I woke around 5:30, Red was going ballistic over something in the field next door, and it was frio!!!! I put on my warm clothes and headed out to the soccer field track. While I was walking I thought about how funny it was, my dream last night, and I laughed a little to think about talking about the mariners and Violetta. I just funny is that.
It was still on the dark side and the street lights along the highway were on and there was a little fog. I could see ahead that someone was standing along the highway, in front of the Pemex station (this is a regular small bus pick-up spot and when I go to the track, I always see people there). I did not think too much about it and as I got closer and closer, the person stepped away from the bus stop and began to rush across the street towards me. Well at first, it alarmed me a little, and then, I could see it was her.......the senorita I am telling you about!
We hugged and we smiled and hugged some more. She spoke her spanish and I conversed in my poco y poco spanish. She was on her way to Navajoa to see a friend. We didn't talk about the Mariners or Violetta and she didn't have two little boys with her. Mostly we just hugged and smiled and hugged and smiled.
Isn't that amazing?
We waved goodbye and while I walked away I had shivers and goosebumps......all good ones. Still, it was just an amazing event, and I wonder how did it happen like that.........a dream and then, seeing her.
But, I can't wonder too much about it. It was just a cool happening. I am getting goosebumps again just writing about it!!
Now, we are waiting for Bill's clothes to dry. He did not get them out of the washer and onto the clothesline until around 7am and if you have read the 2 Senor Sabe le Todo posts from yesterday, you will know all about that. As soon as they are dry, we will hit the road for Tucson and then, fly out to meet up with our kids for a week. Adios! Que tengus buen dia!!! Linda Lou

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Steve Cotton said...

Great story -- very well told.