Senor and Linda Lou have been in Pueblo Alamos, Sonora, Mexico for 10 years.
Every day brings a new discovery.
They are still working on the casa............Senor says, it won't be long.........but Linda Lou says, it won't be long until what..............stay tuned to find out what's next.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Photos from the Carraterra

Buen Dia!
Last night we took a nice walk as the sun was setting. There was still a good breeze and the temperature was great. The jacarandas are beginning to bloom with huge purple blue flowers. There is a new sweet smell in the air. We have had the first sweet smell, the blossoms of the limon trees. This one is very strong, but I am not sure yet what it is.
Below are some photos from the carraterra. I took them all while the truck was moving. Bill was kind enough to slow down when I asked him to stop so I could take the photos........
The first is the new archway and the others are of the two new bridges and then, a photo of the old stone bridge (you will see the stone inside).
The new bridges, as I mentioned in an earlier post, replace hurricane damage.
The archway is most likely funded by money from Pueblo Magico.
In the archway photo you can see a poster of one candidate running for governor of the state of Sonora.
The election is going strong and we can sometimes hear the political rallies (depending upon the direction of the wind) which are often held around the Plaza de Armas. They usually include lots of great music and really good food.
I happened to be down at the plaza one afternoon during a rally. They had a terrific bongo band and people were dancing in the streets. They had several grills going and were handing out huge free plates of food. I wanted one so bad, but I have been told it's frowned upon for a foreigner to partake in a political rally, even if it is just for a free plate of carne asada and tamales or a balloon.
Now if you happen to be sitting down on a park bench and someone just happens to see you there and happens to bring over a plate of free food, then you can eat it. But no one paid me any attention that day.

Tonight Bill is going to grill two rib eye steaks for us, even though he thinks we are old enough now to share one. I absolutely do not like to share my rib eye steak with anyone.
I think I told you that we discovered the Wal Mart in Obregon will cut rib steak as thick as we want it. So Senor stands there at the meat counter and keeps spreading his hands farther and farther apart. We now have freezer half full of very thick rib eye steaks.
Well, that is really about it for now. Overnight I fired what I hope will be some beautiful tiles and I am eager to go open the kiln and look inside!
Adios, linda lou


Chrissy and Keith said...

Oh, I dont share my rib eye either. Mostly because I want some for my morning steak and eggs. I will however share my broccoli!

Glenn Ian Huntington said...

Really appreciate the updates and pictures you post. You are a valuable resource of information for those who hope to follow your move to Alamos. Look forward to every post.

Glenn Ian Huntington said...

Linda Lou,

The American news media headlines, as usual, is sensationalizing the "Mexican" Swine Flu "Pandemic" and warning people to not make any non-essential trips to Mexico. What's your take from Alamos? Are schools and businesses closed?

Linda Lou said...

I can only tell you what I see. I have not read anything locally or talked to anyone official.
I went to the track on Wednesday and the high school kids were on their way to COBASH (the high school). I did not see them today. I don't expect to see them tomorrow (May 1) because I think it is a holiday (Work/Labor Day) and I believe there is a parade.
All the businesses I frequent or see when I go to town were open today (Thursday). I don't see anyone wearing face masks, aside from the taco and food stall stands (they always wear masks).
I am not hearing of anyone ill in Alamos. We are taking the general precautions we take every day. Hand Washing!
Other than not seeing the school kids today (tho I can't verify schools are closed)it's all pretty normal from what I can tell. If something changes I will let you know!