Senor and Linda Lou have been in Pueblo Alamos, Sonora, Mexico for 10 years.
Every day brings a new discovery.
They are still working on the casa............Senor says, it won't be long.........but Linda Lou says, it won't be long until what..............stay tuned to find out what's next.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Roofing Beams

Buen Dia!
It has been awhile..............we had to make a quick tax trip last week to Tucson. It is fairly easy to file taxes from Mexico, the IRS even mailed a one inch thick booklet to us (so large it did not even fit in the postal box). Unfortunately we waited too long to mail all the stuff back, so we had to go north.

The good news is we discovered Tubac, Arizona, on this trip and really enjoyed seeing the art community there. If you want some good prices on Mexican wares, this is a great place to go. We did, of course, see (for example) merchandise in the Tubac stores selling for $10.00 and we have seen the same items in Guadalajara for $5.00. But, if you cannot get to Guadalajara, Tubac is a cool alternative.

Our border crossings were quick, maybe they know us now?
The US always checks our passports, but Mexico just waves at us. They do not even come out of the little casita....and of course, I had a list.

The days are getting longer here and the sun has moved farther to the north. It is daylight around 5:20am (I am up and heading to the track) and it is twilight a little after 7pm.
The sunsets, as you can see below, are spectacular. Bill has begun to lay the concrete beams over the first section of the house. Some of the electrical wiring is inside the beams.

Over these beams will go the layers of ladrillos, styrofoam, plastic and dirt, and palo blancos, but probably not in that order. I will have to check with Senor about the order and how all that is put together. Working fast and hard to try and get this done before the rainy season begins in June, is the daily routine.

Of course, you will not find me up on the roof. You will find me brushing the layers of dust from the tops of furniture and sweeping it off the floor and out into the yard. You will find me doing dishes and other daily cleaning chores. Then I might walk to the Mercado for fresh vegetables, stopping on the way at the Palacio for the mail. You might find me sitting on a bench at the Plaza for awhile, people watching and reading the mail. Back home, you'll find me firing tiles (they are coming along great!). Then I will probably study my Spanish for an hour or so. Then I will be back at work on the tiles, or checking something out on the internet. Then I will water all the plants as it gets later in the day, turn the compost and begin to think about starting dinner.
Of course, every day is different. One of the little pots I bought in Tubac fell out of the car during a stop in Guaymus. Well, I need to glue it all back together. I'm sure I can do that. I have a stack of papers that needs to be filed away. I need to go and pay the $15 water bill. A lady commissioned me to fire four identical glass coasters for her and I have not started. I need to make some silver bails for a pair for earrings. I really need to go down to the fabric store in the Mercado and buy some oil cloth to make an apron. I wore last night's spaghetti.
And I have been informed by Senor that soon I will get to begin work on the coyote fence! I am a very busy person.
Maybe I will talk Senor into a short walk tonight. Some men are working on the property one block over. An adobe wall has gone up around the property and activity has started inside the wall. We probably need to go and check it out.
No more sitting around. Adios!
PS: I see that there is now a myspace good2go2mexico account. It has no connection to our good2go2mexico blog. We do not have a myspace account.

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