Senor and Linda Lou have been in Pueblo Alamos, Sonora, Mexico for 10 years.
Every day brings a new discovery.
They are still working on the casa............Senor says, it won't be long.........but Linda Lou says, it won't be long until what..............stay tuned to find out what's next.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Border Chill

Hola! It is almost siesta time here.
The plant truck just went by, but most of the plants look as hot and humid and wilted as we do. It is 95 degrees out and the humidity is 75%.

BUT there is a cloud cover and it looks almost like a repeat of yesterday.

The cloud below has moved down off the top of Mt. Alamos.

Now it has increased in size and darkness and is heading down the street from the south.
Meanwhile, another stormy batch of clouds has decided to make a run from the east.
The two systems collided over our house, with a light rain and some thunder and lightning and before we knew it, they said goodbye to each other and a little sunset appeared in the west.

While the sun was peeking through on the horizon, lightning flared up over the mountains in the north. When we went to bed, around nine, a little rain was still falling, but the crickets were chirping and the fireflies were out and the wind was very still.
Senor said there were too many systems going on and no one could take charge............

We returned to Alamos early Thursday. We had planned to be back Tuesday, but Senor ordered an additive to go in his roof mixture. He thought it would be in Tucson on Monday, but no, it was in Phoenix on Monday. So we had to wait for it to be shipped to Tucson.
On the drive home, Senor and I had a border spat.
We never see anyone at the main crossing and we never stop.
At KM 21, we always drive through and sometimes we get a green light and sometimes, red. We rarely get asked any significant questions.
The problem is Senor drives through as the light is green and he hesitates ever so slightly. It is like he is stopping and waiting for a red light. All the while I am saying...........go! go! keep going!
Okay, I think I have probably already told you about this. But, it drives me crazy........especially if the light turns red while he is just sitting there..............and not going through at a faster pace.
Well, this time he hesitated and I kept saying............go, go, hurry, hurry, keep driving!!!
Senor calmly continued through on the green light and then, parked the truck. He looked at me and said............. you drive...................
He has parked the truck almost right on the other side of the light. We are practically still in the lane. You can't just stop right here! they will come out to talk to us for sure...................i said.
He just got out of the truck and walked around to the passenger's side and stood there, waiting for me to close my mouth and get out and go get in the driver's seat.
So, I thought for sure someone would come running out to say something, like, what are you doing?.....................You two people look highly suspicious changing drivers in the car lane here, let us see your passports.
But nobody came to say anything and Senor and I did not say anything for a couple of hours. Later he said he did not like me to tell him how to drive.
Now I do not think I am bad about that. I usually do not tell him when I see topes coming, I do not tell him about the construction in the right lane, I do not tell him about the surveyors that are just standing in the road ahead, or the goats that look like they are fixing to make a mad dash across the highway. I figure he can see all that. So if he hits a tope going thirty and everything flies off the console and onto the floor, I think, that's ok, he just missed one, but I do not say anything.
Maybe I just still need to chill out on the border crossings. Even if we get a red light as he hesitates, the most that usually happens is someone might want to come out and practice their english or talk about Alamos.
...............or we need to flip a coin on the drive south now as well as the drive north. If I win, I will drive through as quickly as I can. If I lose I will keep quiet.
...............or next time, I will have a peanut butter sandwich handy and start eating it at KM 21.
Before I go, the tiny yellow butterflies are everywhere. They are very fast and do not like to have their picture taken, but Senor was able to sneak up on some of them and quickly take their picture. If only he were that fast driving through the border crossing.....................

I hear thunder................adios, linda lou


Chrissy y Keith said...

Ok Linda Lou, this is almost an exact replay of how Keith and I used drive in Mexico( or anywhere for that fact) We have finally figured out a system that works for us. He now understands that I have safety boundries that are for more limited than his. All I ask is that he acknowldege my first utterance. But for men, acknowldging means that I was right and he was wrong and missed it. I told him to just fake it and tell me he saw the danger or the turn off. I never know if he is truthful in this, but I feel better and there have been very few speechless moment between us since. But I still have a few white knuckle moments and he still has some seething discontent.

Jacqui said...

This post had me both enthralled and laughing. Your description of the weather was fabulous and the description of your drive through the border - well, they could make a sitcom from it - although I daresay many women would totally identify with it - yet more Mars v Venus moments.

1st Mate said...

LL, did your missing furniture turn up?

I spend a lot of time in the driver's seat holding onto the "panic bar" and sometimes I don't want to look, when we seem to be careening into a knot of traffic, especially in downtown Guaymas or Hermosillo. I try to keep it down to a little gasp or a whimper.

Linda Lou and Senor, Too said...

thanks for the comments,
chrissy, i like your system!
and jacqui, that crazy weather is back today; i saw an online newsnote: Spain, for under $500, rt and hotel! wow! and finally bliss, thanks for asking about the furniture, but the antique dealer has not called me back and I think i know why..............will let you know when i know more....LL

Ian Huntington said...

Hi L.L. and Senor too,

Crossing the border with the green/red light is not just a Venus vrs. Mars thing. Two from Mars can get ugly too! I'm often briefly tempted to stop, get out of the car and let David drive after an ear full of his back seat, border crossing directing. Fortunately, I haven't yet...his driving...???

Karen said...

Oh, you are so funny! Glad your senor is quit with the camera. I don't have this problem with my hubby since he can't cross with me, but I HATE those lights. I am always sure they know I am doing something illegal. (I don't know what- just something) and although I haven't had a problem at the border, I have paid $100s in morditas while driving in Mexico. Always bull****, but it is really hard to be tough when they are talking about impounding the car, etc.,etc. Anyway, at the lights, I slow down, then speed up, then slow down,by then they are all sure I am doing something wrong. Or maybe they just think women drivers! So far when they have stopped me they just talk a lot, and usually are pretty nice.