Senor and Linda Lou have been in Pueblo Alamos, Sonora, Mexico for 10 years.
Every day brings a new discovery.
They are still working on the casa............Senor says, it won't be long.........but Linda Lou says, it won't be long until what..............stay tuned to find out what's next.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Our Friend Olaf

Hola. It is POURING rain here and we are waiting to see what Tropical Storm Olaf will do.
As of now, he has crossed Baja and is in the Sea of Cortez, moving quickly toward Sonora. We hear that there is heavy rain and wind in Northern Sinaloa and Southern Sonora.

It began raining around two thirty in the night and the sky had a funny orange glow to it, as if the sun were about to rise. The glow was pretty, but I kept thinking it was time to get up.
It has rained all day now.

Senor's brother, Culver, and his wife, Jenny, are here. They arrived from Minneapolis late Thursday and we picked them up in Obregon on Friday and brought them to Alamos.

This morning we had a terrific breakfast with them, at La Puerta Roja. I have had these La Puerta Roja breakfasts before, when my friends Glenn Ian and David were here. Lolly, the cook, is wonderful. But, just when you think you have finished desayuno, she brings in another plate, and then, after you finish that, you she cooking something else?............ and yes, she is.

We then set out, with umbrellas, on a very wet walk through the historic district and the Plaza and Alameda. Every street in town is a river and the La Aduana Arroyo is full and running.

We plan to take the (El Fuerte) back road to Huatabampito and the beach tomorrow, but will wait to find out how friendly Olaf is going to be.

Next week we will go to the Copper Canyon. I am a nervous train rider.......have I already told you that? We used to ride the train to Portland from Seattle, around Christmastime, and I continued to ride the train for days after we got off. I was never in a real big hurry to get back on and go home to Seattle.
I did buy some dramamine the last time we were in the states just for this particular trip. Then Jenny sent me a you-tube site for the train ride. I could not believe how much the train sways and rocks from side to side.
I mentioned that to her and she said..............oh, that photographer is obviously an amateur....................I hope she is right about that, but I am glad I got the dramamine anyway..............

We will take a little work break for awhile here at the casa, but nothing has been going on anyway. Well, if Senor reads this he will have a fit. He is always working on something and as you know, some days up to eight hours and often, in the hot sun. So, I should say instead............I do not see any changes that I can show you, but I am sure that both Senor and Umberto have been doing ALOT of things in order to GET THIS ROOF ON THIS CASA!!!!

I know Senor painted and installed the cute little window that was in one of the old baths that will become the closet. Maybe I will show 'cute little window' to you tomorrow. And if we make it to the beach I will get some photos for you from there as well.

The photo above was taken by Senor before Tuesday night's storm hit. What gorgeous clouds!!! Two inches of rain fell Tuesday night and the wind forced it in and under the doors to our two livable rooms and flooded us out of the bedroom..................again. I was prepared this time, had all of our towels ready and did not lose any paperwork or anything else important..................

Unfortunately, Ashes, who likes to play around at night, got caught out in it for the entire night, and Cookies howled everytime the lightning crashed.

We are expecting Culver and Jenny any moment and are hoping to go to the Mirador viewpoint to see the sights and then to the restaurant up there for dinner. But if the rain keeps up and the clouds do not lift, we may be dining down in town.

I will keep you posted on our dear friend, Olaf, and the trip to the beach.
Que tengas buen dia..............linda lou


Jacqui said...

I hope the weather stays fine for your visitors. Our dear friends from California arrived last Monday when we were in the middle of our rainy week - floods, thunder - the works. Fortunately it cleared up by Wednesday afternoon and their last few days with us were glorious.

We were so sad to see them leave yesterday.

~~kattz*cottage~~ said...

Hope you all have a wonderful time & maybe the rain will stop soon. Enjoy the train ride - I'm sure you will love it! Gorgeous picture of the clouds!