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Every day brings a new discovery.
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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Send Cards

Buen dia! Have you been to my sister's blog?
She has this lovely old cottage in Texas and she is always posting these pretty pictures of stuff in her house, stuff in her yard, stuff in her little Joey camper, stuff, stuff, stuff.

Well, I like stuff, too and now, I live in a very old little place, but all my stuff is in boxes, still packed away.

But I do have a new Katrina. I got her in El Fuerte, so here is my picture of my stuff on the table.
Don't you love her watermelon purse? Now, below is my stuff on the bed. A very nice lady called me up and asked if I would be interested in helping put together one of the Day of the Dead altars in the museum. If you recall, last year I helped with the Casa de la Cultura altar. It was great fun and after going up there twice this week, I could not find anyone working on any altar projects, so I was happy to help with this one.

The project focuses on Ida Louise Franklin, a woman who came to Alamos in the early 50's and renovated a very old ruin near the cemetery. She lived to be a hundred and is buried in the cemetery. She wrote several books while living here, and I understand she loved to entertain and have lavish dinner parties.

This altar will be dedicated to her.

The project pans out here, on my side of the bed, as senor is on the other trying to snooze while I rip tape and cut with scissors and glue away. Then you see Ida Louise, and the ruin and the renovation.

While I am waiting for all this glue to dry, I am crocheting a necklace. Tomorrow the altar will go up and I will get a picture for you to see.
A cold front has come through and the temperature has not gone above seventy-five today. We are freezing. Senor says..............see how well we are acclimated now.................

Speaking of Senor, it is his birthday!!! We are grilling mean rib eye steaks tonight and celebrating. I bought him a little silver fork with onyx on the handle. It is about two inches long. I have no idea what he will use it for, but it was cute and the only thing I could find in town for a guy. He doesn't really need a saddle or boots or a cowboy hat, so he is getting a fork.

When Senor was sixteen, he needed his birth certificate so he could go study in France. His birth certificate came, but he noticed the birthdate was wrong. So, he went to his mom and told her it was wrong. She agreed, but told him it was recorded in the family bible anyway. So Senor went and took a look and found out his birthday, which had been celebrated for sixteen years on October 30, was really October 29. So in the thirty five or so years I have known him, he starts celebrating his birthday around October 23 to make up for all the lost years he was blowing out candles on the wrong day.

I have to go put on my fleece jacket.

Now, Dias de Los Muertes is coming up. Saturday night will be the celebration of the loss of the children and Sunday will be the fiesta for the adults. It is very much a family time in Alamos.

I will be off early manana to work on the altar. Now it is time for carne!!

If you want to send Senor a birthday card, you can send it to:

Apartado Postal #71

Alamos, 85760

Sonora, Mexico

He will probably still be celebrating when it finally gets here! adios! Linda Lou


Linda Lou and Senor, Too said...

When I posted this yesterday I could not get my sister's blog to come up. I have now replaced the comma with a period and it comes up fine. go and click and take a look. LL

Jacqui said...

We too have Day of the Dead celebrated here this weekend. Apparently, all the flower sellers will be inundated tomorrow at the market and it is a massive family celebration this weekend when the whole family take flowers to the gravesides and have celebratory family meals in rememberance of the loved ones now departed.

Happy Birthday to Señor - I couldn't agree more that he should catch up on all the missed birthdays.

Now, I'm off for a look at your sister's blog - we are inbetween van trips to the house - finished for today, loaded up ready for tomorrow!

~~kattz*cottage~~ said...

Stuff stuff stuff! Neat post & I never knew that about Bill's b-day! Happy Halloween!