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Thursday, November 26, 2009

The Best Toy Ever

Hola! Hola!
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

I was so happy with the little pine tree that I decorated in the yard a few days ago that I decided to do another one. This one is a little larger. You can see the little tree in the back, to the right. I know it just looks like a blob of light, but that is the little tree. The new tree is well over 5 feet tall and while I am not sure what kind of tree it is, it is very lacy leafed and does not appear to be losing any leaves with the cold weather.

When Senor came home from bridge, he said.....................oh, that's cute.

Later, in the dark he said.......................that's very pretty. And wow, he did not say anything about Thanksgiving.

KD called on her way to have Thanksgiving with friends in Boulder. Ian called to say he was going up to the Pass to snowboard. They seem happy on Thanksgiving Day and able to take care of themselves just fine.

Senor and I will be going to have dinner with friends later today. KD said...........oh, how nice, mom, a new tradition for you.................

Now, this will be the first year of many that I have not cooked a turkey, but next year might just be a little different story, because, look what I have!

That is a GE Profile Convection/Microwave/Combination oven.

Can you believe this? A couple we know brought it over to our casa several days ago. She said................i don't need this thing right you?


He said...................well, if you break it, don't give it back.

Really, can you believe this?

I am estactic. I don't know, is that how you even spell that word? I don't care, it really doesn't even describe how I feel. I tell you I am doing cartwheels and flips over here.

I just reheated my coffee in the microwave!!

I offered to cook my friends' turkey for them. Of course, they

That is good though, because I have never used a convection oven and although I have the manual, I have been researching that type of cooking all morning.

My little 9x9 toaster has been good even though the temperature in it will not go over 300. I just found this out when I tried to bake some lemon bars for an event. They would not bake, even after an hour. I finally put a thermometer inside and discovered the problem.

But, now I have a real oven to bake in and Senor can buy some bagged popcorn.

This is good stuff.

This is the best toy I have ever had in my life!

So, for all of you folks who are waiting for your succulent turkeys to come out of your own oven, do something for me. When you sit down for dinner this afternoon, ask everyone to gather hands and give thanks to your oven. Be grateful that you have it, clean it carefully, take good care of it.

I know I will, and someday I will return it to our friends. I will not break it and it will probably be with great sadness that we part, but in the meantime, gotta go bake some cookies!

adios! linda lou


Leslie Limon said...

What is the first thing you will be making in your new toy, er, oven?

My manual oven doesn't get that hot either. It takes 30 minutes to bake cookies. Cakes and pies take a while to bake, almost twice as long. BUT the cakes are moister and the cheesecakes are creamier. I think if I were to roast a turkey, I would have to start 24 hours earlier!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Ian Huntington said...

Enjoy your new toy! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and enjoy your new tradion even if it's only for one year!

~~kattz*cottage~~ said...

That's awesome! I know you are very happy to be able to really COOK something! We had a wonderful Thanksgiving & wish you'd been with us but it sure was great to SEE you on skype! Happy Cooking!

Calypso said...

Baking with a convection oven is different. We had to experiment to get flan right (tip - don't need the water bath and you will need to cover the top or it darkens too quickly). After getting the hang of it - it is a great thing!

Jacqui said...

I know exactly how you feel - I know how excited we were when we got our cooker and we'd only been without one for a few weeks but there is only so much you can cook on a paella gas ring! Enjoy those cookies!

marti and bernie said...

Hi Linda, Good to have you posting again. We are in Nogales tonight, making the trip to Alamos in the you need anything?

Anonymous said...

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1st Mate said...

I LOVE my convection oven, and never use the gas one anymore. I haven't tried to do a turkey in it, but just about everything else. It looks pretty much like the one you have, but it's from Black & Decker and was on sale for $80...such a deal! It has settings for broiling and baking as well as convection cooking and doesn't heat up the kitchen as much as the regular oven would.

Linda Lou and Senor, Too said...

Thanks everyone for these great comments. I was finally inspired to use the convection oven! Leslie amd calypso, cookies and flan are on the list.
HI GIRL! Your skype is not working!
Ian, when are you coming back???
Hope you missed the Nogales snow, Marti!
Jacqui! I love your new place!
Can anyone translate Chinese???
1st mate, I still hope to have gas also someday, but I am liking this alot, baking lime drops this afternoon.
adios, LL