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Saturday, March 6, 2010

For the Love of Cookies

buenas is cool and cloudy this morning. It is going to rain. I feel it. Mt. Alamos is obscured by fast moving thick clouds. The wind is whipping leaves everywhere and blowing the sweet smelling blossoms off the limon tree. Cookies will not go outside. The tamale boy did not come today. It is going to rain. Manana we go north. We will go visit KD in Colorado, get in some skiing, and among many other things, watch some tv, go to the picture show and go shopping, and restaurant hopping.

I am very excited. We have not been to the states since August. Senor is not as excited as I am. This is prime casa working time.

Back in November, I said............................i want to go to the states for Christmas, to see KD (we had just seen Ian in November) need to just cut loose, let's stay here, let's have christmas here.....................said senor.
So, I cut loose. We stayed here. You read the post. It was just okay, not my best Christmas. I think on Christmas Day I said it would have been nice to go to Colorado and Senor said, yea, maybe it would have been nice.

So, in January, I said...........................i want to go to the states in March and see KD. Senor did not really say much, but I could hear him thinking ..................... March is really prime casa time, good weather, not too hot, good breezes, longer days, should've gone for Christmas........

So, there has been a great deal of preparation before we leave tomorrow.

The first and biggest concern is the cat. The second concern is dogs.

The coyote fence is complete across the back and it is two thirds finished down the side, which borders an empty lot. The empty lot is of great fascination to Cookies and he likes to spend time out there, often returning with a small mouse or other creature.

Taking care of concern number one will be our wonderful neighbor. She will visit with Cookies everyday and make sure he is safe and happy. When we return we will have a Trader Joe's goodie bag for her.

To eliminate concern number two, I have put chicken wire from the adobe wall at the road, all the way down to the completed section of the coyote fence. Sturdy, and reusable, the chicken wire is attached to rebar and old barbed wire with baling wire, and rocks placed here and there will help keep a few loose edges down. I have walked one street over and checked for any places in the wall surrounding the empty lot and I do not see any open areas to the street. Since the fence was completed in back we have not seen any signs of dogs in the yard.
I think our cat is secure.

I don't think he likes it, but he will be safe. I will not worry.

Oh, what won't we do for the love of Cookies.
Adios! Que tengas buen dia! linda lou


Barbilou said...

Our weather is the same here in Kino. Says rain for Sunday, you'll miss it. Have a safe trip. I bet you'll return with extreme gratitude to be living in such an Eden.

Linda Lou and Senor, Too said...

ps: it rained here from 3-7pm.

Chrissy y Keith said...

the wind is just starting here, rain to follow is likely. You do love your pets by creating such a good fence. Those coyotes nearly killed our neighbors Rottwieler and his fence is 8 foot concrete block.

Jacqui said...

Making sure the animals are well looked after is paramount for any trip. We go back to the UK in a couple of weeks, just for a short trip to visit family and friends and we have a house sitter coming to look after Brandy & Brinkley. Enjoy your trip.

~~kattz*cottage~~ said...

It's raining here today too & suppose to rain all day tomorrow. I'm glad Cookies is safe! Have a wonderful & safe trip & I'll be looking for lots of great pictures ~ can't wait for you to come here next month! HAVE FUN!!