Senor and Linda Lou have been in Pueblo Alamos, Sonora, Mexico for 10 years.
Every day brings a new discovery.
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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Call for Christmas Cards!

Buen dia. Not much is going on around here.
The weather is good and it is prime working time, but not much is happening that I see that I can show you. Senor would scoff at that remark I am certain, long enough to tell me that there is always something going on and I just do not see it.

And then, I would say to him........okay, I like to see it, so do something I can see, please.

While I am being patient with whatever it is they are doing that I am not seeing, I am doing some decorating for Christmas, very little, but at can see it.

Here is the wreath below on the metal door that opens to the West Wing where we are doing most of our sitting. I added fuego tree needles and some bells to a fake evergreen wreath I bought in the mercado. Next to the door I put the new little Christmas tree, a fig. After spending several days last year searching Navajoa nurseries for a 'pinus tree', and do keep in mind that the spanish i is pronounced e, and not feeling comfortable about trying to find one this year, we went with a fig, or a figgy, as I call it.

The yard is filled with colored lights hanging from trees and red balls are shining from the trumpet vines. It is very colorful at night. Inside is nice and cozy. I have some red glass garland above the fireplace and some pretty candles all around. Of course there are a lot of furniture pieces leaning up against the wall, but the fire in the fireplace keeps it all warm and inviting.

Poinsettias in the window sill really add a punch of Christmas color.

So, this is me, right now, just doing whatever each day brings my way. We have been to several festive holiday parties and some small dinners with good friends. I have been to a few 'ladies only' get togethers. I had an open house here for the Glasspondstudio and it was nice that so many ladies came to see the new glass.

I don't seem to have the same difficulties and worries over the kids and Christmasses past that I had last year and the year before. I did tell Senor if I begin to fall apart, I reserve the right to say we are packing and going to the beach.

Please, don't forget to send us a Christmas card this year!
Linda Lou and Senor, Too
Postal Apartado #71
Alamos, 85760
Sonora, Mexico
It was such a treat last year to pick up so many cards and letters at the Post Office, many from people we did not even know.

There is a nice breeze blowing, gently rustling the leaves of the palm fronds. The white winged doves are playing in the little plastic water bowl I set out for them and Cookies is lounging on the warm concrete outside the door.

I do see this is a lovely day, so I am sending it your way!
adios, linda lou


Leah said...

That fire looks so inviting! And the house looks very festive. :-)

mermaid gallery said...

...warm concrete outside the door says it all....I love the long pine needles in your you could make nice baskets out of those. Everything looks cozy and inviting...but I especially like that...warm concrete....

On Mexican Time said...

Loooove the pics!! I miss having a fireplace, and yours looks lovely.

Happy Holidays!

Trinidad said...

Hello! I love your pictures and your home! It has always been my dream to own an older home.

I also enjoy receiving cards in the mail and think your Christmas Card idea is wonderful! Hope you enjoy reading them all!

Linda Lou and Senor, Too said...

I love the fire, too, Leah!
Yes, nothing like warm concrete!
Thanks, On Mexican Time! It is a gorgeous old fireplace and Trinidad, thanks for commenting! I'll be watching for your card!
This year I will try and reply to them all!!!