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Saturday, December 11, 2010

TBC Loyal

Hola, hola, hola.

I have been back from San Carlos for almost a week. I had a great trip and glass sales were very good, but oh, my goodness, it was as if I was in a San Diego suburb.

Please, don't misunderstand me, I like visiting San Carlos, it is a beautiful town, but I have never seen such a concentration of foreigners in Mexico. The boats in the marina were packed like sardines in the tin and the little malecon that goes along the waterfront was full of people, just in off the boat, just going on to the boat, or headed to the condo or restaurant or bar. I enjoyed myself but there were so many people, I was exhausted.

Below is a photo of the malecon along the beautiful marina which then continues on for quite some distance to the left. There is yet a second marina several miles away.

I shared a table with my wonderful friend, Charlotte, who made sea shell mirrors, mosaic tiled coasters and stained glass Christmas trees. We faced fully into the sun for the whole show, which accounts for my hat and red face in the next photo.

Here is the table, laden with our lovely wares.

And below, is my friend, Charlotte, who is an amazing and talented artist. She has a resume that would be hard to beat. In addition to the things I mentioned above, she is also a stained glass window and door artist, does tin and copper punching, beadwork, woodpainting, mask making........... the list goes on and on and she does it all well.
I so enjoyed talking to people who had been to Alamos and could not wait for their next visit and I especially loved meeting beautiful Bliss, a blogging friend, from San Carlos. In the photo below, she is trying on a brilliant pair of blue earrings that made her eyes sparkle.

I left for San Carlos on a TBC bus. TBC is owned and operated out of Alamos and the busses are coming and going from our town, throughout the day and night. Sometimes I read complaints about TBC and even Tufesa, the competing bus, which does not go to Alamos, but is easy to switch to in Navajoa, if your schedule calls for it.

This was the windshield of my outgoing bus, the morning I left. Sure, that could be considered disarming. I have heard that Tufesa busses are nice and clean and tidy and have toilet paper and out of Navajoa, they do indeed have more schedules to choose from.

But, I will continue to travel TBC whenever I need to take the bus and I am going to tell you why.My TBC bus driver talked to me, he said buen dia and offered to carry my bag on board. He smiled at me.

In Navajoa, I had to switch to another bus. He told me where to go and carried my bag off the bus for me.

The new driver smiled at me. He even looked at my ticket to see where I was going.

When I got to Obregon, I stood up to move my bags so the woman sitting at the window could get out into the aisle. From the back of the bus, a Mexican man yelled........................Linda, sientese............... and in Spanish he continued to say..................... Linda, this is your bus....don't get off here, this is your bus to Guaymus.

I was shocked and turned to look for whomever was talking to me. I did not see a single face I recognized. Everyone but a few older Senoras got off and no one said anything to me as they passed by.

Someone was looking after me and I do not know who it was.

When I returned to Alamos, I was forced to take the Tufesa bus because the only TBC bus going to Alamos that Sunday afternoon departed at six pm. I took Tufesa to Navajoa where Senor picked me up and we were back home by three pm.

Tufesa was clean. The seats were roomier and they had Michael Jackson on the tv.

There was toilet paper in the bathroom.

The windshield was not broken.

Not once did the Tufesa driver ever look at me. He never checked my ticket. I had to ask about changing busses in Obregon and the look on his face did not make me happy.

I have no idea who yelled at me on the TBC bus, but I have my loyalties for sure.

Here is an evening photo taken from the balcony of my friend's house. San Carlos is a lovely place, but I am glad Alamos is home.

que le vaya bien........linda lou


Brenda said...

Glad you had a good trip.
We have taken many different bus companys and find that the drivers are friendlier/chattier on the smaller bus lines. Tufesa staff are more businesslike; although they have been helpful any time we ever asked anything of them. We also like TAP bus line. We have taken some that were not so great though, one I think was Estrella Blanca or something like that. Not so great; a bit like Greyhound lol.
I agree San Carlos is a lovely place but we are happy that Guaymas is home, so I can understand your feelings.

Ian Huntington said...

Sounds like a nice trip. Glad it was sucessful for you.

Jacqui said...

I once remember having a voice help me and I never found out who spoke. At a church at Boston, there is a tower call Boston Stump. When walking up the tower there is a section where the spiral steps go through a completely dark section because the small windows are too far apart. I was very doubtful of walking into the complete darkness when a mans voice came down the stairs to me saying 'it's ok to carry on, it gets light again just around the corner'. I carried on and it did just that. I got to the top without passing anyone and yet, at the top, there wasn't a single person to be seen. I never did work out where the voice came from......

~~kattz*cottage~~ said...

Your little trip sounds like a very fun adventure! The table with all your wares looks beautiful! And you look adorable in your hat :-) Glad you had fun! xoxo

Linda Lou and Senor, Too said...

Hi brenda, I sure hope you guys are feeling better! You are right, Tufesa is very business like and that is good, too, I guess!
Hola Glenn Ian, there are some new houses on the market here!!!
What a great story, jacqui! I can see the staircase as you walk up it! There are many mysteries in life, aren't there!
Girlie, wish you could have been there to sell your jeweled trees. I think they would have been a hit! Miss you!!!! LL