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Every day brings a new discovery.
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Thursday, March 24, 2011

My Friend Blip

I have not been lazy and I have not had blog block again.

What I have been is very busy cutting and firing glass. I had a lovely 'Open House' last weekend and it was so well attended. Then, Sunday and Monday afternoons were well attended also, even though I was not having a show. People just kept popping by and wanting last minute gifts. If you were here, thank you so much. It was a lot of fun! If you weren't here, but need something special for yourself, visit the etsy shop at the link on the right or let me know, and I will create something special for you.

Now, I am busy again, back cutting and firing again because I have a large number of Alamos and online custom orders.

In fact while Senor is off trumping and opening and preempting and whatever else they do at bridge, I will be cutting glass.

First, I just have a few photos to show you.
This first one is of a blue jelly fish. One of many we saw when we were out at Huatabampito a few weeks ago. We saw so many, blue, green, copper, silver, gold, very unusual shapes and colors. I am thinking about enlarging and framing a few of them, someday after I do all of the other things I have planned.
Above, some of the gorgeous wispy clouds that have been coming in on the breezes lately. Our days have been in the nineties, but it does not feel hot and there is no humidity. The evenings cool down rapidly and it is cool enough in the early morning to light a fire. This is perfect weather. But I am not crazy, I know what is right around the corner.

So, with this lovely weather has come a good flow of work. You can see the hole has been filled. I was very happy about that.

A lot of 'the season' foreigners are beginning to pack their bags, close up their homes and head north, south, east or west, whichever the case may be. I know that many of them are not ready to go. I feel fortunate to be able to stay.

So, while they begin their departures, a new guest has arrived. He usually lives right down the street, but he has a new home now.
I call him Blip, the horse. He is now in the field next door, along with a burro. This area is right outside our bedroom door, where the adobe wall meets up with the chicken wire that will someday connect with the rest of the coyote fence. Blip stands here and neighs for me to come talk or throw him an old apple over the chicken wire. He gets upset that he can't get his head over the wire, so his patience is short and after about ten minutes, he will turn and walk away.

Cookies absolutely hates poor Blip. He will growl when he comes around and hisses until he leaves. I think he knows Blip wants to be friends with me and Cookies is jealous. He does not want to share us with anyone.

Another special thing has been installed around here and I will let you in on that with the next post.
So, off to work I go!
Que tengas buen dia! linda lou


Brenda said...

I like your new buddy, he is pretty good looking too. Poor Cookies, cats sure don't like competition for their humans attention and then they ignore us most of the time. lol.
Have fun working on your glass.

Jacqui said...

Love the blue jelly fish - do they sting? Once a year we would have a probelm with stinging jelly fish of the coast of Spain where we used to live.

I can uncerstand how cookies feels, my 2 pups are eaqually jealous if I make a fuss of other animals.

Enjoy the good weather while you can, the heat will soon be there.

Trinidad said...

Glad to hear your business is booming! Keep up the good work.

Lisa n Javi said...

Those Jelly fish look so cool. Good luck with all the business.

DeeDee said...

Be VERY careful around the Blue Jellyfish! they are Portuguese Man of War jellyfish, and VERY poisonous, even out of the water. They have very long tentacles, and even out of the water, if you step on them barefoot, will get a bad sting!
love your posts!! am enjoying your house re-build.
We are considering a house re-do in Merida Yucatan. :)

John y Ginger said...

I was all caught up in your jewelry report when the beautiful blue fish popped up, for a minute I thought it was a new art work in glass, silly me ;o) The yucca shot is lovely. Glad to hear the weather is still nice. We are having yucky winds here in NM. Love you postings, it keeps me up on Alamos.

Linda Lou and Senor, Too said...

Thanks Brenda, I have been trying not to spoil Blip, and the burro loves the orange and grapefruit rinds.
Hey jacqui! I think Deedee is right. they are most likely very dangerous. Yep, the heat is coming, but very nice right now. Hi Trinidad, it is almost too good.

hi Lisa and Javi, thanks for visiting the blog! I think Deedee is right, there are so many of them on the beach and in so many bright pretty colors, but a good thing to stay away.

Ginger! hola! I know how beautiful NM is in the spring. Any chance you will be returning to Alamos? Great to hear from you!