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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Up on the Roof

Holy Horsefeathers! It is a hot one today, in the nineties. But there is a stiff breeze so it does not feel so terribly hot and only twenty percent humidity. Both yesterday and today at six am when I got up, the humidity registered at almost eighty percent. Everything was covered with a fine layer of dampness. Throughout the night I could smell and feel that wetness in the air.

Cookies is splayed out on the cool concrete bedroom. Senor is probably dealing a bridge hand right now. Earlier I returned from History Club and I noticed there are a lot of workers up on the roof tops in our barrio. To me it looks like they are up there for a little chat. But later I saw them working. I think they are all permeabling the roof tops, taking advantage of this warmth before the rainy season hits. I have shown you permeabling before. It is a white paint like substance that gets rolled or brushed around on the roof tops. It hardens to a rubber like consistency and waterproofs whatever got rolled.

Below, you can see that Senor had Umberto up on our roof top permeabling as well.

I will take you up on the roof for a looksee. I absolutely hate Umberto's ladder. The guys like it but look at the second photo.

Is this an accident waiting to happen? To me?

Up on the roof now and you can see the white stripes are where he permeabled the roof seams.
The little brick structure is the beginning of the chimney steeple or house. It is in its preparation stages, of course. For some reason that is a big rock on the roof and the structure to the right is the skylight.

Here are the two skylights getting their icing.

And here you can see two prepared fireplace steeples that will look like that one in the distance which is on top of our neighbor's little casita. You can also see this section is bright and white and all permeabled up. So hopefully our roof will not leak this season.
Aren't the mountains gorgeous. We really have a pretty outstanding view from the roof top. Just above the neighbor's steeple, on Mt. Alamos, you can see the squiggly lines of cleared land and huge boulders left by Hurricane Norbert.

Not to be left on the bottom floor, I am fixing to go and paint some vigas. Then Cookies and I will maybe turn on the overhead fan and take a sweet little siesta.

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Trinidad said...

Yes, the hot season is near once again along with the humidity. I don't know how but I'm going to have to get used to it.