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Every day brings a new discovery.
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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Decorating Little Houses

Buenas tardes!

Below is the update on the newest cute little house. This one has been cemented, so I believe it is permanent.

To the left you can see our neighbor's little house. We definitely have a cute and unique little roof. We will eventually have a total of five of these little houses on top of the casa.

I am already thinking well beyond Senor. I could probably send a strand of Christmas lights up there and light up the roofs of the little houses for the Posada. You know me by now, and I would definitely do that. Wouldn't it look cute? Should I do white or colored lights?

And I would have to do it while Senor is at bridge so he will not have the opportunity to say............. nope, no way, ABSOLUTELY NOT.............well, where is his holiday spirit?

Speaking of bridge he is out at it again and this is the third time this week. When he does that he comes home and can't function, says his brain is completely fried, so I do not know what he is thinking. I cannot tell a lie, I like some afternoons to myself, so I don't mind, well, you know, as long as the work gets done in the mornings.

Occasionally, at History Club or when I am out and about and run into someone, a lovely older lady, she will say to me.......oh, your husband is so nice.......he has excellent bridge etiquette...............he deals very well..............he is so proper........he is very, very meticulous (I hear this one a lot)..............i so enjoy playing bridge with your husband.

Well this is very sweet and he really enjoys playing with all the ladies, both young and older. I am very happy they enjoy playing with him. And once in awhile another man will play, but more often than not, it is Senor and the ladies.

I know he must have good bridge etiquette and good card etiquette in general, and he learned that from his mother. He also passed that etiquette on to our children who are great card players and very patient and understanding even with their mother who has to be reminded how to play gin rummy. People ask me why I don't learn bridge so he and I can play together......HA! I would rather stay home and swing from the chandeliers, well, if we had any.

I do, however, have creative cooking skills and this also part of the reason I could never play bridge. I can't follow a recipe. I always speed read (thank you Dad, for teaching all of us kids how to speed read) right through the recipe and almost always leave out something, so I am sure I could never follow the recipes and rules for bridge.

As I write I am braising ribs over the mesquite fire at the asador. I saute'd a bunch of scallions, garlic, onion and peppers, made a nice white wine roux and added browned ribs. The electric bill will come in about five days and I am sure I braised us into a high bill bracket with all of the hot plate braising I did in February, March and April. So this is my third asador fire braising and so far, it's worked well. I just have to keep the fire going for at least three hours, hard to do on a hot day like today. But I go out, put on a log and rush back in to the bedroom where I have the air conditioning on.

Tomorrow is a big day, it is the fifteenth. Remember? More water, Senora, on the fifteenth or twentieth of May! That is what they said and maybe we will find out manana what it might mean.
I think I will take a short siesta before I need to run out and throw another log on the fire. I am on Hour #TWO!
I also need some time to think about my holiday light decorating. I can easily put an extention cord up on the outside of the big house and decorate those little houses. But I still think I could not have a fire, unless, maybe the lights could go up the sides and on top and not near the openings? Do you think the little house would be too hot? For instance, if I were gone and Senor lit a fire...... He may have excellent bridge etiquette, but his response to little surprises like that is not very proper............


Brenda said...

Definitely coloured lights for the little houses, after all we are in Mexico where colour rules lol.
Hmmm fire, lights, surprise for Senor-- now that could be a VERY interesting combination lol. I have no idea how hot the little houses would get. If you check how hot the bricks are on the side of your grill closest to the fire on that might give you an idea. I think by the time it gets to the little house it is just smoke and shouldn't be very hot, if it is then you are losing a lot of your needed/wanted heat; but am not positive. I hate to say it but you may have to break down and ask Senor or better yet sneak over to the neighbours roof when they have a fire and touch the bricks on their little house lol lol.
Have fun.

Trinidad said...

Oh you are just like me at Christmas. I love to decorate and have already acquired many decorations to take with me when I move. My husband always says why do you get so excited? We don't have any kids but I just can't help getting in the spirit. Good luck with whatever you decide and never let that spirit go!

Mic said...

The most fun thing about Christmas is decorating IMO. I'd say both colored and white - mix it up - throw all you have on it. Yep, that's what I'd do :-)

Ian Huntington said...

The chimneys (little houses) are beautiful even without lights! So, did you get water on the 15th?
How's the yard holding up? Are you able to shower? It's just three days till the 20th!

Linda Lou and Senor, Too said...

hey all, thank you for your comments. Brenda, yes, color rules, we will go with the colored lights, they are fairly cheap here, too, but don't last very long!
yes, Trinidad! Always keep the spirit and you keep adding to your collection!
Mic, nice to hear from you, you're probably right and maybe here, you just can't overdo it1
Glenn Ian, no water, no shower either.......