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Monday, May 23, 2011

Water Stealers

Buenos dias!
Well, on the fifteenth, I was excited, woke early, energectic, thought for sure we would have a blast of water from the city, nada.

Then, foolishly, on the twentieth, I repeated that routine, nada. So, I do understand now, the water department was just trying to make me happy.

We got in new old car to take a drive and without really planning it, we ended up at the Rio Cuchujaqui.

The water is beautiful there, shimmering in the sunlight, but you can see how dry everything else is. The only green things anywhere are the mesquite trees.

In the photo above you can see the long narrow bridge that we had to drive over. It is fairly steep, with a hairpin turn at the very bottom, but worth it to see the quiet flowing river. I don't know exactly where it is flowing, but not to my house for sure.

There are so many rumors in town about the water situation and they keep getting more and more ridiculous, and while I am not into spreading rumors, these are worth repeating. People now say that the city had a huge brand new pump, ready to be installed in the well out past the cemetery, the pump was left unwatched overnight, it was stolen and there is no more money to replace it. Senor thinks it would have taken a big forklift to get a pump that size out of town and surely, Policia or someone would have seen it going down the street in the middle of the night.

Personally, I like another rumor better. The mesquite trees are lush and full, a deep brilliant green. You can see them as they work their way up the dry brown mountainsides and wind through the dusty valleys. Their roots can go several hundred feet undergound or so it is said. The mesquites are stealing all of our water!

Soon we are going to have Umberto dig down into our well a little ways and see what's up. We would like to see if it is even lined with bricks or perhaps it has crumbled in or maybe there is something in there that should not be in there. Maybe our mesquite roots have spread there and they are constantly slurping up that surging water below.

Until 'Soon' happens, Umberto and Senor are just fixing to pour the biggest beam of the roof top. They have finally completed the wood form and the rebar square for the center. Any minute they will be starting.

In the meanwhile, there is NO water today, but it is a beautiful day, very breezy, not too hot.

I think next week I will start the contest, as I did last year, for guessing the day the big rains will start here. I will look through the glasspondstudio and choose a beautiful prize. Check back soon for all the details on that.

So the flies are swarming, the mesquites are stealing all our water and the dry hillsides are turning drier, this big beam is going up and the beautiful breeze is tinkling the windchimes, wow, what's not to love!

...........................wherever you are, que tengas buen dia! linda lou


Jacqui said...

I love the idea that the trees are slurping your water before it can get to you! They certainly have a vibrant colour to them on the parched hillsides.

Nikki said...

oh Linda I had my fingers crossed for you, I was hoping that the omapas people weren't just trying to placate you. If ya'll need to do washing or just want to take a nice long shower you are more than welcome here in Navojoa. Our water has been cut off a few times for who knows why and it is just horrible.
Best of luck
ps my email is if you want to get in touch.

Ian Huntington said...

I was certain you would get water by now. Are you buying water for the pila? How long has this been?
Something similar to your rumor of the stolen pump actually happened in my community. They were stolen at night and no one saw anything suspicious.

Steve Cotton said...

Ihave never asked you this, but the water situation made me think of it. Do you have mosquitoes up your way? If not, I will gladly trade you water for as many as you would like.

Linda Lou and Senor, Too said...

h. Thank you so much for the offer, but we will make it just fine. Jacqui, those rascally trees are gorgeous, aren't they!

Nikki, you are soooooooo kind. I can't wait to meet some day in navajoa, maybe fall when it cools down??!!

Glenn Ian, a month and a half now I think? Not sure, I have lost track of it all. Over at La Puerta Roja (which is no longer a B&B, but a quaint rental and Teri has a bistro in back) on Galeana and allende, they are getting water 24/7 and they are on the Chalaton well, which has never ending water. We are definitely on the city line, which seems to be the one with the problem. We are checking into ideas for a larger cistern and ways of collecting this season's rain water. Once the rain comes we won'y have this problem and hopefully the missing pump? missing water lines? will be found by next year?

Steve, we have plenty of big mosquitoes, so do not send me yours! What we also have is a lot of wonderful bats, who are already out at night, gobbling the mosquitoes up as fast as they can!