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Monday, May 7, 2012

Cinco de Mayo Parade in Alamos


 Hola! Cinco de Mayo was very quiet. Like I have always said, the holiday is not a big deal here in Mexico. It is however, a big deal in Puebla, Mexico, where the battle was fought with the french and it is a big deal in the states because it has always been promoted by the beer companies. But, it sort of blew right by us. Even the fast girls did not party on the street. Almost all of the partying happens in the arroyo and we can hear the music from the casa, so no need to venture down there. Still I thought you might enjoy a few of the photos.

 The big attractions are for the adults who line the streets to see their kids in the parade. All the school kids, in their school uniforms, or other clothing, march in the parades. Above are the twins who always carry their school flag in every parade. The other big attraction is the horses and there are a lot of them. The PRI party used the parade as an opportunity to introduce their state candidate, who was on a horse. The horses and riders are always pretty impressive,especially when from a distance you can see the white hats coming, bobbing up and down, but you cannot yet see the horses..

It was very tranquil. In fact some of the children were either yawning or just dozing off.

It was also extremely hot and not a breath of wind.
 So, I can't stay and chat for long. I need to go run a few errands. You might enjoy these photos below. The first is where I pay my telephone bill. She has a wonderful old cash register that requires cranking. It also has a lot of bells that ring as she cranks.

Here is the Palacio where I pay the water bill.
 Inside the Palacio, the government building, or city hall.
Okay, gotta run, that is it. Hot outside, still dry, gonna get hotter.
hasta luego....linda lou

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Ed said...

"It was also extremely hot.."

Interesting that you have this caption above the brown uniform marching girls. They got the attention of this old godger, maybe picked up a beat or two in my pulse.

Yes, the two biggest Holidays in the USA are now Cinco de Mayo and Halloween replacing the 4th of July and Christmas.