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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Tomatoes and Roses

 Senor's two tomato plants have been a huge success. One has been producing mad bunches of small sweet baby reds, hundreds and hundreds of them. The other,  the seven foot tall plant seeded from the portal giant of last year, has put out large fat heirlooms that taste like they have been plumped with sugar.

 But now we are going into a fourth week of very little water. It is hard to keep them watered deeply enough and it is beginning to get very, very hot here, so we think these tomatoes are about to shut the door.

 The city brought us a pipa (truck load of water) this afternoon. It will help. Later when the sun goes down, I will water in the yard. It will be the first drink since last Thursday.

 This is a simple problem of simply not being able to catch up. Our problem just seems to be pressure. By the time the water comes uphill to us it is too tired to come out of the pipes.

Today I saw a man on a horse and attached with ropes to the saddle were two large plastic jugs of water. I saw two little kids sitting on the street corner, four water bottles between them. I saw that a tinnaco in the centro district was over flowing with water and it was running into the street. The  street sweeper says everything will change soon. It is a matter of time. We will get through it. And I saw a beautiful yellow climbing rose at the nursery and had to restrain myself. Why was I even at the nursery?
Senor is reading about the droughts through out the world and it makes our little problem seem very small. I am doing some serious thinking about how to save all this rain water that should begin pouring off our roof in a month or so.

Meanwhile, we sit around in the evenings, sucking on tiny tomatoes that in the Navajoa markets, cost almost 40 pesos for a small box. I figure we have eaten hundreds, maybe thousands of pesos worth of tomatoes.
This might just be my last post on our lack of water and maybe I will just defy the problem by getting that sweet smelling yellow rose.


Brenda Maas said...

Hope your water problem ends soon. Fingers crossed for you guys.

Could you possibly save me a few seeds from both those tomato plants?? I would sure love to have some seeds that will actually produce well here.

I would send you the money to mail them to me by registered mail.

Just let me know.

Hi to Senor and Cookies and the Burro down the road lol. He is such a cutie.

Christine said...

I think depriving tomato plants of water at the production stage actually helps the flavor. Nature senses death and puts its all into the next gereration...?

Linda Lou and Senor, Too said...

Hi Brenda, yes! I will make sure Senor saves some for you. Email me your address again!

Linda Lou and Senor, Too said...

Christine, thanks for the words. I imagine that you are very right. So that should make the seeds for next year's giant tomato outstanding. LL

Brenda Maas said...

Will do, thank you.