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Thursday, June 13, 2013

I am the Boss of it.

Here are two photos of one of my many favorite vistas here in Alamos, the montanas to the north, taken from our yard. For the last four or five days these have been covered in a faint rainy haze and the skies overhead have been dark. As a result of the rain they received they are slowly darkening with what will become a rich emerald green.

On Tuesday afternoon the wind pushed those clouds south over Alamos and we got what is called a little chipichipi, or sprinkle. Lots of folks reported differing numbers of drops. I think Senor said sixteen for us. Then last night the wind pushed harder and we got measurable rain in the rain gauge. Sweet smelling rain pouring off the canalis, driven by wind, rolling thunder and some very spectacular streak lightning. While I would not say it was a huge storm, it was definitely a nice beginning to the rainy season here and to what I thought would be the close of the rain contest.

There were over sixty guesses this year; they came in through the blog, Glasspondstudio's Facebook page, my personal Facebook page, emails, Glasspondstudio's Etsy shop and also from a few people I saw in the neighborhood. Four guesses were made for yesterday alone. Robyn T., an Alamos resident actually gets the earrings, but the other guesses were surprisingly close as well.  It's the first time anyone from Alamos has won. Congratulations, Robyn!
So, I thought sadly, contest over.

Then I woke up in the middle of the night. No, the contest does not have to be over.

So, yes, Robyn gets the earrings for starting us off into the rainy season, but I am still waiting for the big boom, the bada bing bada bang boom.

 One day when least expected the skies will just open up and all 5247 is gonna break loose. On that day I think I will look at the time and say........hey, whoever picked this day and time gets something, too. Then I will just give that person a nice jewel. I don't know what it will be yet, a pendant, earrings, something sparkly from the shop.

So, if you have made a guess for the first contest, it now gets applied to the second contest and if you have not even made a guess for the first contest, it is not a problem, go ahead and make a guess for the second contest and, let's call it the uhm, the 'second contest' contest. I am so into words today. Must be the cappuccino Senor just brought me. I like that. The second contest and I am the boss of it. I like being the boss of something.

Que le vaya bien! Linda Lou


robyn said...

I absolutely love love love those earrings and will wear them everyday until the heavens let loose with a real drencher, the kind that sends the kids out to swim in the streets! and causes the arroyos to trickle, and blows all the furniture off my portal! I just had a feeling it was going to rain early,but it wasn't much, and the old timers were saying it was going to rain early. Thanks Linda ;)

Linda Lou and Senor, Too said...

Robyn, you are so welcome! It is nice to have an Alamensen win the contest and NOW, I am excited to keep the contest going!

Jacqui said...

It's amazing how little rain it takes to turn everything green. And how much rain comes down at once to turn roads into streams. Hope you get your deluge soon.

Linda Lou and Senor, Too said...

hi Jacqui! you are so right!