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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Don' Worry Bout a Ting.....

 Buenas tardes! How is everyone? I am fine. Senor is fine. Cookies is fine. But look here, I have been a little worried lately. About three months ago the dozers and workers came into the lot next door where many of our birds and the family of skunks and o'possums live. They cleared the land and now, see what is there.
 A casa. 

The little skunks ran right through our yard trying to escape the noise. The o'possums climbed over the coyote fence at night and the birds didn't come around to the feeders. Here and there, a  fat white winged dove or a small gossipy group of inca doves, but nada else. I was getting upset. I am not a huge birder, but I like feeding them, putting out stuff they can use in a nest, making sure there is plenty of water. I love sitting and watching them and love to hear them sing.

I don't even mind the casa next door. It is a little close, but once we finish putting up the rest of the coyote fence, we will not even know it is there. Below you can see how the crew is doing the arches. It is all very interesting. There are about eight guys working over there, no doubt they will finish before we do.
 So, anyway, the birds. That lot had been covered with brush and trees and I wondered where they had gone to. I did what I could think of to get them to start coming back around. I made some little houses out of gourds and ran around hanging them from tree branches. I hammered nails into boards and slapped orange halves on the nails. I put out cantaloupe. I filled the hummingbird feeders. I kept the feeders filled with seed. At the end of the day, I added even more seed. I added cotton to the hanging iron circles. I cut more oranges and cantaloupe. Rarely did I see anything besides the doves.

But I could hear them. In the morning and evening, the green parakeets were swooping in huge packs across the sky. I know birds are flocks, but parakeets are packs, believe me. You can hear them coming when they are a mile away, they are noisy, noisy, noisy. I love them. In the sunlight they are brilliant flashes of emerald jewels.

I could hear the screeching of the black throated magpie jay. I could hear a gila woodpecker.

Then one morning I saw the bright orange flutter of an oriole wing. Then another and another. I looked out and saw three orioles on my oranges. The next morning I woke in the night to a mockingbird song.

The next night I smelled a skunk, which reminds me of good fresh roasted coffee and when I went out for my walk I saw a very large skunk run through the yard. 

I decide the birds and the animals were back and so last Sunday I skipped my walk and sat out under the portal instead. Here are some of the birds I saw as the morning progressed.
 I am sure you will recognize those three doves on the grill.
Below is a Gila woodpecker, off just slightly from the center of the photo. He is going for some red berries just to the right of the sunlit leaves.

Here are two birds on the tips of the Plumeria branches. Then below, a close up of one who looks like a cat bird of some sort. I swear he has ears.
 I think this fellow below is a flycatcher. I am not really certain. He has a beautiful voice.
 A little sparrow. You can see the oranges in this photo. The birds love this area, there are three water dishes there.
 Fighting sparrows. See that curious dove at the bottom.
 The Cardinal who was later followed by three babies.
 A close up of the fighting sparrows. Or maybe they are wrens.

I sat out there for hours. Senor went to the grocery store. Senor went to the hardware store. Senor went to the gas station.He finally asked me what I was doing. Cookies got a little curious and climbed up beside the fake doves on the grill. I made him get down. He growled and lay down beneath the hummingbird feeder.
I saw a mockingbird. I saw a little vermillion flycatcher. I saw a few other things that I can't identify. I saw butterflies. I even saw a frog and one scorpion.

 That was three days ago. Now every night I am listening to the mockingbird and smelling fresh roasted coffee.
Things are definitely looking up!


kattz*cottage said...

This post really really really makes me so happy that it is almost spring! I just put some new fruity & nutty bird seed out just before I read this....I'm sure we get our love of feeding & watching the birds from mom & dad. I especially love the colorful picture with the flower wind chimes, red hummingbird feeder, orange, & looks like a bromeliad? Pretty pretty!

Steve Cotton said...

They are weaver finches. What we grew up calling English sparrows -- though, they are neither. I am glad your wild kingdom has returned. I do not know what I would do without mine.

Brenda Maas said...

I am glad the birds came back, I would really miss them if they left here. We love listening to them especially in the mornings as they wake up and in the evening as they settle down to sleep. Lovely sounds.
Freshly roasted coffee and skunks are 2 smells I have never associated before lol.

--Nedra said...

I have so enjoyed my black-capped chickadees, cardinal family, tufted titmouse pairs, a big dotted flicker, doves, and even one old squawky jay at my feeder outside my kitchen window this winter.
And I'm so glad you said that about fragrance de skunk--there are several times I have thought the same!...but not when they are too close!

Linda Lou and Senor, Too said...

Hi girl! I think that is a bromeliad. It is making a fluffy white flower, but no smell. Yes, I am sure we get this bird stuff from mom and dad, but on the other hand, who in the heck does NOT like birds....?

Linda Lou and Senor, Too said...

Weaver finches, I just looked that up. That is what they were called in the 'Old World'? What is that? And now they are plain old sparrows? That comes from my Peterson (OLD) Mexico Bird book. I think English sparrow sounds best. Or sparrow weavers, that is what I will call mine. Thanks, Steve!!! You must have the big colorful guys down there!!!

Linda Lou and Senor, Too said...

brenda, just think about that next time you smell a skunk.LL

Linda Lou and Senor, Too said...

Hi Nedra, so nice to hear from you. I just knew somebody would be able to relate the 2 smells. It's a southern thing, maybe....!!!!