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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Little Bird Nests

Hola, Buenas tardes y Feliz Carnaval!!
Instead of going to the Plaza late yesterday to see the Queen of Carnaval chosen and crowned, we took a little yard tour here at our casa. So much is in bloom, it is amazing. But it has been very windy and these two little bird nests appear to have been blown right out of the Palm tree. The one above is really lovely, with feathers that help hold it together, while the second one contains lots of pink and blue ribbons that I put out in the winter hoping the birds could find a use for them. And they did, but sadly, now they will not get to use the nests.  We looked for cracked shells and found nothing.
 Our Mexican palm is about fifty feet tall and while it may not be the prettiest palm around because we have not trimmed it in four years, it is a grand hotel for a lot of birds. It is also paradise for bats. Every year the bats nest in the dry fronds and at dusk thousands of them spill out to go on a nightly forage. We will sit quietly under the portal and they fly in and out of the columns. They really are beautiful. They also help keep down the mosquitoes here in our yard.

So, I am sorry the little birds lost their nests in the wind, but I know there must be many more nests up there and I am happy to put these little bird nests on my fireplace mantle.
I hear a few musicians tuning up, a clarinet off somewhere in the old Tequila factory, an accordian and guitar at New Old Jesus's casa where the tuba player will show up at four am tomorrow morning.
 Better late than never.
 Happy Carnaval to everyone!


kattz*cottage said...

Sweet little bird nests! After I read your last bird post I put some nest 'stuff' out that the birdies can hopefully find & use like your ribbons. Sounds so amazing to see all those bats fly out! I love your palm tree. Was just saying the other day 'I wish I had a palm tree'!!

Gringa-n-Mexico said...

Awwww ♥ I super adore that you put out the ribbons for them to use - and they did! :) What a neat tree you have.

Bird Removal NJ said...

These are so sweet. Great job