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Friday, May 30, 2014

May I Have the Envelope, Please?

Buenas tardes ,hey, is this your boat? We saw it on day one of our four day Tucson trip. Pretty.

We are totally pooped out.
I can't even remember what I told you in the post from Tucson, well, I remember the tv, of course. My sister tells me I am lucky it didn't fall on my foot. She makes a good point.

The trip was just insane. Senor has been doing an epoxy patch job on our radiator for a few months and thought he had it all under control, but he didn't, although the shop guy who repaired it to the tune of $350 USD told him he did a pretty good job. Stuff like that just does not last forever.

I want to back track to Monday, when I thought we were leaving on Tuesday. I was slowly getting myself ready to go, watering, cleaning, packing........slowly, when you know who burst through the bedroom door and said............hey!!!........ how fast can you get ready, let's go today!.................okay, i said, i guess i can do that.................Well, i chop chopped and got myself ready to go in about an hour.

Beautiful travel day, slightly overcast, and we got to Santa Ana and because we had left a little late, we got a room and when I went to pay, I could not find my peso envelope. Before we go on a trip I always keep enough pesos for up and back, or emergencies, and I use it. So, we had to find an ATM and take our some money, no problem, money in the bank, no big deal at all.

Ready for bed, watching some soccer, whootiehootie, need to take my blood pressure medication now that the US of A scored a goal, get the new medicine box I just got from the clinic, open it up, and it is empty. Go back to the ATM the following morning, take out money for medicine and go to the pharmacy, no problem, money in the bank, no big deal at all.

Real sweet Nogales border crossing on Tuesday, now we're into US dollars, good stuff, money in the bank, get my Phoenix Home and Garden magazine, but here is another whootiehootie, May is on the rack and so is June. Nice drive up, we do the Goodwill tv story which believe me, I know I don't need to repeat.

All the good crap is on tv at the hotel and we watch the raunchiest reality stuff we have ever seen. I am so excited.
Wednesday is awesome, we spend hours at Lowes because I am fixing to do a chalk paint project and I have a million questions for Maya, the paint lady. In fact for the very first time ever Senor gets bored and sits in the outdoor furniture area reading a magazine. I get stuff.

On the way back to the hotel, the car overheats and the rest of that story is totally bad news.

Senor is on the phone for hours trying to find a repair place that will install a new radiator for under $500 US dollars, no I am not kidding.
And this is tricky because there is actually a second envelope, the one with the emergency US dollars. I can't seem to find that one either. I decide neither one got packed, but it's all good, the money is in the bank.

We finally find a place near the hotel that will do the car for $350 and we can walk back and forth. This is really good.
We hang around the hotel and wait after we have delivered the car. I am so bored. Senor says we can walk to the shopping center and window shop. Ha, I can not window shop. I am a buyer.

It sprinkles, that's nice, it is cloudy, that's nice, walk is okay, not too far. But I am bored with that plan, too, so Senor suggests we return to the hotel which we do, where we just hang around and wait and wait and wait. Senor leaves the building.

When he comes back.............hey!!! the car is ready......i paid for the work but went to buy something else and the card has been declined.....
He calls the bank...............sir, are you traveling.................yes, i am.......................are you traveling in, i am in tucson, arizona.......................

The bank guy tells us they are organized and so we go get just enough US dollars, and a teeny extra, to get across the border and we are outta there at daybreak this Friday morning.
Across the border, once again, very sweet crossing, good as gold and we wish we had some because we stop to get pesos out of the ATM.............nada.

Now to re cap, remember the peso envelope? It is still nowhere to be found, there is no back up.
Once again we find ourselves in Santa Ana but this time, we have no money.

We manage to find a parking space and Senor starts to wander. From ATM to ATM to bank to bank.
card read error.
card decline.
card read error.
incorrect pin.
and so the story goes on and on. He returns to the car several times........................take these last US dollars, i say, (we have $25), exchange them to pesos and he leaves with the money and comes back 30 minutes one is exchanging money today, he says. I give him a look and he leaves again.
The sun has shifted to my side of the car. We are parked in front of a yellow curb and we really have no idea what kind of ticket that would be.

30 minutes later and we have $1,000.00 pesos...............i went back to all the same places and #8 gave me this........., and he smiles that cute little smile of his.
So we are back home and there they are, sitting right on top of the desk, the two pretty white emergency envelopes, one with US dollars and one with pesos.
Life is awesome!!!!


Brenda Maas said...

All I can say is Oh My Goodness what a trip!!!
You must be SOOOO glad to be home.

Yvonne Kay said...

Linda sorry you had such a rough trip! Next time you come up to Tucson let us know. We will make lunch for you and Senor

Linda Lou and Senor, Too said...

Hola brenda, yeah, we are glad to be home, still have not figured out what went on with the bank. Maybe it was just because it was Friday in Mexico!! LL

Linda Lou and Senor, Too said...

Yvonne!! How nice of you! That's a very kind offer! Thanks for stopping by the blog!!! LL

Anonymous said...

What an adventure! Memories for you and enjoyment for us. Keep posting...we miss your comments.

Linda Lou and Senor, Too said...

Larry, thanks! you know we get so busy around here and sometimes posting just goes to the back of the list, but I am trying to stay current. I promise I'll keep it up more frequently. LL