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Every day brings a new discovery.
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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

A Little Change in Plans

I just spent the morning moving everything out of what will be the master bathroom into the plaster finished laundry room.
It took three hours. 
I am pooped.
And Senor is perplexed and cranky with me.

Seven years ago when he put in the plumbing and electrical in this room he wanted to put the bathroom sink here, under this window.
I, i have to have a mirror over the sink.
 So all of his designs have been for an L shaped counter here in the corner with a sink and a mirror.

But, see, I have been thinking about this.
I think I want it under the window and today, after I cleared out the entire room so it can be plastered, I decided I definitely want it under the window.

So, first, he was a little annoyed when I interrupted his work.
Then when I told him why I was interrupting him he just stared at me.
Then he got up and walked off......................into the room where I could see he was noticing that he is going to have to re do all of the plumbing and the electrical in order to have that.

Well, I just stayed away from him for awhile and finally he came to me and said.........well, good, just how i told you it should be in the first place seven years ago.
He sure likes to be right, even if it takes seven years......

 So instead of having the sink to the right of the door and an L shaped counter top, it will now go under the window.
Below you can just see in to the laundry room which is completely plastered now. It and the master bath and bedroom had been plastered once, but it wasn't done correctly and it all peeled off in layers.
 So now we are getting it done right.

A room full of stuff. I do not know where this stuff came from.

Senor's new electrical panels he just completed. Before this I could not have the toaster oven and the hot plate on at the same time.
 Now, poof, it's all good. 
I am a happy cooker.
I am also happy to get all this plastering done. And soon, the floor. When? Don't ask me!!
Okay, so gotta go.
Linda Lou


Anonymous said...

amazing how much stuff we can accumulate. it will be hard to get rid of things when we move back to the states this summer, but i definitely need to be ruthless. i'm a recycle shop (thrift store) junkie. add to that the number of things my japanese friends have given me and it makes for a lot of clutter.

enjoy your new bathroom.

the quineanera is lovely.

take care linda lou.

teresa in nagoya

Linda Lou and Senor, Too said...

hola teresa, how nice to hear from you. When we go to Tucson, the first place I go is Goodwill, way too fun! Hope all is well in Japan!! LL

Trish said...

Oh Linda, you have me laughing out loud. You know one DOES need a mirror over the sink, si? Maybe you could hang one artistically over part of the window. The light from the window all around it would be like special lighting. The window light could be all around it including at the top a bit if hung with decorative chains. I'll bet you could find JUST the right one when you go to your Goodwill shops, etc. More STUFF but necessary, of course.

How about stained glass around the mirror with the window light coming from behind would be beautiful. Now I'M getting carried away & Senior would give me a scowl.

I can tell you about clutter that accumulates over the years. I have more, of course...clutter and years. Good excuse....BUT...almost each little thing has a nice memory behind it. I get that.