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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

The Back of the Bus

We have just returned from a lovely little beach excursion for the Easter holiday, Semana Santa.

Some friends invited us to come and stay at their beach house with them and their wild nephews and nieces, all of whom were in their early twenties and going in twenty directions and I'll tell you, I want to adopt all the nieces and nephews and have them come and live here with us.

Of course, it reminded me so much of the times that KD or Ian would have a gazillion of their crazed friends over for crazed times and I miss that, like most moms do. So, it was just great fun.
 Above, the beach house and below, the beach food on the grill and finally, Senor relaxing and reading in our upper story beach room.

But I am writing you to tell you about another recent trip I took.

KD called me back in February to tell me she got us two tickets to 'Lord of the Dance' in Colorado, in March.

Now if you are unfamiliar with 'Lord of the Dance', the male Irish step dancer, Michael Flatley, who used to dance with Riverdance (and you must know what that is), broke off from Riverdance several years ago and began his own Irish theatrical production, 'Lord of the Dance', starring him, of course, because he is the Lord of the dance. 

'Lord of the Dance' is more choreographed and has a story as its theme, while Riverdance is a wide variety of Irish dancing.

Well, my first inclination was.............what!!! i can't come all the way to Denver just to see Michael Flatley dance.

But I went.............I would see KD and who can really pass up Michael Flatley without his shirt on no matter where your seats are.

We had a lovely time. Colorado weather was beautiful. Michael Flatley was beautiful. Just a great time.

I flew back to Phoenix and caught the midnight bus to Navajoa.

 I asked for a seat in the very back of the bus because I know seats don't exchange passengers very much and so it is easy to lay down over two seats and sleep. I was exhausted.

I slept through the night and woke when the sun crept up around 6am.

We got to Navajoa around two in the afternoon.

My luggage was not on the bus.

Finally the driver and I determined that I had slept through the border crossing in Nogales and that aduana (Mexican customs) had detained my bag.
The drivers had switched at the crossing and when the new one came on board he did his walk through of the bus but didn't see me in the last seat, sleeping.
Aduana always walks through the bus and collects money for voluntary tax claims on purchases, and I have no idea why they did not see me or wake me and ask me for my voluntary money.

The driver assured me he would contact aduana and they would send my luggage the next day.

Senor was not at the bus station.
We do not have cell phones and this is becoming a problem for us.
I waited and waited.

After two hours I decided to walk down to Albatross and take the bus into Alamos.
Right as I was going out the door someone brought my luggage to me.
 It had just come in on another bus.

So I went to Alamos and walked up the hill to our casa.

And it was nice and quiet there because it turns out that Senor was indeed in Navajoa. When my bus did not come in at the time expected, he was told to come back around four, which he did, most likely right after I walked out the door to the bus station for Alamos.
So he continued to wait at the bus station for a very long time and finally came home without me because I was already home wondering where he was.

Several lessons learned, OMG, we need cell phones
No more sitting in the back of the bus.

Que le vaya bien!!!
Linda Lou


Judy said...

Even I, The Luddite, have a cell phone. It is the simplest Tracfone they have and about $10.00 USD. I buy airtime and minutes once a year for about $110 USD and roll over about 4 to 500 minutes to the next year. I don't text, do voice mail or anything else, just receive or make calls. Mine lives in my purse because I use it mainly for traveling. I would recommend one just to save yourselves the aggravation you and Senor just went through. YMMV

Linda Mcphee said...

I love your adventures and that you will go all the way to Colorado for KD and the Lord.

Linda Lou and Senor, Too said...

Hola Judy, yes, I am checking out all the options, it is time! Is the tracfone good in both the US and mexico???

Hey, Linda Mcphee, missing you this year!LL

Judy said...

Since Tracfone is owned by Carlos Slim one would think so. If my reading out on the internet is correct you need a Mexico sims chip and a US sims chip to get the best rates and network. You cross the border at Nogales right? Go into the local WallyWorld there and talk to the electronics dept. Because, I think, I have seen phones displayed that say they are for Mexico/international calling, too. The Tracfone website might be another good place to look. Pageplus is another option for pay-as-you-go phones which is what the daughter uses. Hubby set himself and her up with some nice phones. Which by the way is owned by Carlos Slim, also.

I just see no point in the fancy phones with big monthly fees attached. Okay, my phone isn't the latest-n-greatest but it does what I need it to quite well and at a rate I can afford. Good luck in your serch!

Nikki said...

Linda!!! I am just catching up on your blog. Oh my you do need a phone. I can only say this now because last week for the first time in my 10 years of living here I broke down and got one. Now I just have to remember to carry it with me ;) I just went to the Tel cel store and got the cheapest samsung they had (400 pesos) and it is 200 pesos a month for unlimited almost everything (calls, Facebook, whatsapp, and twitter).