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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Moving Sale is Done

I've been sleeping here is the full moon photo from the other evening. I tried to get photos of lastweek's eclipse, well they didn't turn out at all, but this moon photo is nice.

We had our moving sale.

I hope I will never, ever have to do that again in my life. If you are reading this and even thinking you should start letting go of things, let them go now. Don't wait. It is very difficult to spend several weeks dragging all your goods into an area and getting them ready to be sold. I had no idea it would take so much energy.

I did not have any real emotional difficulty getting rid of things, it was just the physical exhaution of lugging things around and getting things in order. Not only did I have enough to fill 5 rooms downstairs, inside, but I then had to put items on the front deck and in the garage and then, out in the shed.
I listed the sale on Craig's List and in the Seattle Times, fri, sat and sun, 9-5.
People came Thursday.
They were knocking on our door at 7am on Friday.

We made enough money to cover gas expenses to mexico and then some. But it's all about letting enough go so that we don't have to take much with us.

Alot of people we know came to the sale and we had some fun conversations. We met no oppositions to our move and most folks seemed ready to come right along with us. Some of our favorite buyers were local immigrant mexican families who seemed intriqued that we would want to move to their country. We were able to practice our spanish which was great because we missed our session with Violeta.

So, we are down to 4 antique chests, 2 chairs and box #39. We are still trying to decide whether or not to take our hand forged iron, made in mexico, coffee table with the goats' heads on it. So, here we are..... I am trying to wind up February. My last day at Starbucks will be Sunday, March 2nd. I didn't go to the big 'shut down and retrain meeting'. I stayed home and watched the democratic debate instead.
I have pulled something in my shoulder and will lay a little low and wait to box up all the leftover things that will go a friend's church auction.
Instead, I am beginning to tackle the mounds of paperwork that I need to take care of. I am dealing with car insurance. We will be buying our mexican car insurance here, online. I am trying to figure out how to get U.S. car insurance for when we should want to come back across the border and into the U.S. for anything we may need....any thoughts on that will be appreciated. I am dealing with notarized sheets and sheets of papers for college living for KD and Ian next year. Next week we are planning to drive to the State Patrol office in Olmpia and get our required letters of good standing.
One last thing before I go. I have not gone through any boxes of memorabilia, I have not seen KD's baby teeth. I have not looked into the box that holds Ian's 21 binkies. I haven't looked at the love letters my father wrote to my mother from Germany, nor the postcards my Grandfather sent to his bride from France during the war. I have put all of those things into my closet. They are piled high to the ceiling. I have not looked at the lock of hair KD cut right before she got on the kindergarten bus and I haven't looked the 21 notes Santa wrote to tell the children to be good and he and his reindeer would see them next year.
That will have to be done soon, I guess......

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Will Thomas said...

It sounds like the Garage Sale was a success and not too emotionally draining. That is good to hear.

I am the neighbor jogger that just happened to be jogging by Saturday morning and had to come back with my wallet to pick up a few items.

My wife is enjoying the portable music stand and I have the thermarest next to my other one ready to go camping once spring starts showing its face more.

Hope the transition to Mexico goes smoothly. The pictures you have posted look amazing and your jewelry is beautiful. I'll have to show my wife your website.

Let me know when your house hits the market and I'll pass the information on to some of my buyers. If you have any questions as you are getting ready to put it on the market feel free to contact me anytime (Will.Thomas at yahoo dot com)