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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Spanish Class

Isn't this beautiful?
I took it with my telephoto lens so the mountains are considerably closer than they really are.

The photo above is taken from the third floor balcony and these are the boxes that are good2go2mexico. I am on box #36. That is the refrigerator in the living room. Just waiting for Bill to put down the new floor and the fridge will go back in the kitchen....maybe today?????

And this is the new window that Bill broke...........he turned around with a sheet of plywood and it went right through the glass. You can just see the sunset beginning in the glass reflection. Isn't that nice,... the sunset.
So, we did not have our test on Wednesday. I think Violeta forgot about it and Bill didn't say anything and I decided not to say anything either. But we spent the entire class talking about the election and popular celebrities. We talked about our likes or dislikes of the candidates and the electoral situation and popular votes and super delegates and which states are most important. Then we discussed Brittney Spears and Bill and Melinda Gates.
Now the interesting thing is our entire conversation was in Spanish and I was very surprised at how well we were able to get our thoughts across. Violeta thinks these topics will be very important in Alamos. I can't imagine anyone just coming up to me on the street and asking me if I am a democrat or a republican, but Violeta says it will happen. She thinks people are also going to ask what I think about Bill Gates and all of his money. And while I have never really had any opinions about Brittney, I guess I had better form some real quick.
So we are off to another class this morning. We meet Violeta once and sometimes twice a week at the Bellevue Library. I feel like my Spanish is coming along fine, but I forget alot of it from week to week and if I don't review it, then I really forget it. The good thing is Bill knows the verbs and I know the nouns, so we can almost always finish a sentence.

After my last post, Bill and I made a decision. Whoever is not driving will just read verbs aloud and the driver has to conjugate them and then make a for me, but I will be reading and he will be conjugating....
Because I'm not driving the new truck yet. Bill bought a 2006 Chevy Silverado truck while I was in Texas. It is huge and I think I am scared to drive it. It took him 5 tries to parallel park outside of La Puerca on Wednesday. I am just not ready to embarrass myself like that because I don't even think I could pull-in park it.

Bill still says we are right on track for leaving in mid March. When I look around the house I have my doubts. There is so much to do. We are having the first good2go2mexico moving sale next weekend. I'm working hard on getting ready for it, but we sure have alot of stuff. I discovered a nasty squirrel nest in one compartment of the old studio (shed). The entire time I cleaned it out, the squirrel was in a tree overhead, just screeching at the top of his lungs. I was wondering if he might attack me when I came out of the shed, and in fact, he jumped down on the roof and just sat there glaring at me.

I am also working on my to do list of paperwork. We have yet to get to the Seattle Mexican Consulate for our FM3 visas. One of the requirements for the visa is to have a letter from our bank stating that we are good customers and have deposited at least $1,000.00 into our account for each of the last 6 months. Our bank refused to do it. They said if we get to Mexico and lose all our money, then we might sue them..??? How crazy is that? And it has nothing to do with anything.
So, plan #2 is to get all of the paperwork together and take it along with our bank statements from the last 6 months and see if that will work. If not, then I'm not sure what we'll do. We would have to make plan#3.

We also have to get down to the state patrol in Olympia and get a letter of good standing.....
I'll let you know how it all to spanish class.

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