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Tuesday, February 12, 2008


I just got home from a 5 day trip to Texas; beautiful sunny weather, in the 70's, spent some lovely time with my family and bought some stuff at the airport before I got on the plane to come home. Now back home, you can see from the photo it is cloudy, rainy, cold.....went to Daniel Smith after work and bought a bunch of watercolors and stuff..... the skies over the valley today are beautiful colors of grays, blues and blacks, and white.

I love that word..........stuff. It is so descriptive...stuff. It can mean so much. Literally, so much stuff. That is what we have, stuff.

Kitchen here today, gone tomorrow, generated a few emails. Most of the folks who wrote seemed to think that we are taking our kitchen with us. I find that so interesting, and it's funny, too. I guess people do that, but can you imagine, moving your whole kitchen, sink and all to Mexico????

The truth is we are putting in a new kitchen that we hope will increase the value of the house when we put it on the market.

Old kitchen is on the burn pile right now.

So, as a result of the emails I have decided to let you know what we are taking and what we aren't taking...

NO! we are not taking the kitchen.

We are not taking the boat.

We are not taking our antique bedroom furniture, no beds, no couches.
not taking my huge 8x4 painting I did of the mountains; in the sale if you want it

not taking the tables, nope, no chairs, no piano, no lawn furniture, and not the new HD 47" screen tv we bought last April.

And I want to tell you about that tv. Here is a picture of the first time we watched it..

For 21 years we had abc, nbc, cbs and sometimes pbs. That's all. Our kids begged us for cable and we said no no no.

Then, we were traveling a bit last year, and we got hooked on Ice Road Truckers, the Weather Channel stories and Iron Chef America. I mean really hooked. One night we went and stayed at the Embassy Suites in Bellevue just so we could watch Tom Douglass on Iron Chef.

So, in April of 2007, right before our son graduated from high school, we bought a 47" (or maybe it is 46" ) flat screen tv from Best Buy and had comcast install cable. Our kids were livid.

Ian couldn't believe he would soon be leaving for college and we were finally not just getting cable, but planning to watch it on such a huge new television screen. So anyways, not too long after we got it and started watching it, Ice Road Truckers (my favorite show) went off the air and so did the weather channel stories and now Iron Chef seems to be reruns. So, mostly we are now watching Antique Road Show, Northwest Backroads and Friday Night Lights, which are all either abc, nbc, cbs or pbs.

We are right back where we were 21 years ago.

But we might take our little tiny rabbit ear tv to mexico and if you want the big tv, you better come to the moving sale...

We ARE taking 3 small antique chests that we can't part with

yes, we are taking the webber and the smoker and the rachel ray dutch oven

taking the sewing machine and a small table

taking the china and crystal and silver and the pottery KD made in high school

yes, to the espresso machine, grinder, blender

(if, you are wondering about this, YES, we are taking 26 nutcrackers and 1,303 Christmas ornaments and we will just see what they say about that at the border.....)

yes, the kilns will go and lots of water colors, acrylics, oils, and paper, sheets of glass, torches

Bill's tools can go, too
hmm, let's see, I am really narrowing this down because I can't think of much else..

photo albums ( I know of a lady who scanned all her albums before moving and tossed out the photos, but I don't have patience for that at all)
lots of the artwork we have had for many years
I guess just memorabilia stuff...
and I think that is all the stuff...

I have to go study my Spanish.

Violeta is making us take a test tomorrow and I'm feeling pretty confident because I studied on the plane to Texas and back, plus it is Bill's turn to drive tomorrow and I'll get in more study time. I always used to read the lessons out loud when he drove to class and then a few weeks ago when it was my turn to drive, he would not read the lessons out loud to me. He said I ask too many questions. I got soooo mad about that. So now, if he drives I study by myself. I will bet you he did not study one single thing this last week. I, on the other hand, should ace the test.

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Art-Kyd said...

Hi Linda its Jon from Daniel Smith. Just wanted to let you know my good friend really needs a TV and is very interested. Please shoot me an email and let me know if that is still up for sale. JONRACZ@HOTMAIL.COM

the place in Mexico looks pretty adventurous by the way.