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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Alamos Takes a Devastating Hit from Norbert

This has been a poignant and very sad day here in Alamos.......

While our casa sustained no damage, Hurricane Norbert has left its mark on our town and the homes and lives of its people.

During the night heavy mud and landslides sent huge boulders down from the montanas and into the arroyos, spreading the waters and destroying whatever lay in its path. There are reports that the water broke through several containment dams, adding more volume to an already destructive means. Casas have been washed away, foot and car bridges have been demolished, leaving families stranded. Lives have been lost.

The businesses along the alameda have been severely damaged by mud flow and the historic district remains in the dark this evening. The main road out of town is currently closed, due to damage, and food and other necessities have already become limited.

Throughout the day helicopters have been landing at the soccer field and officials have been seen walking the town, assessing damages.

Alamos is a much loved town, its history reaches far back into the years that we cannot remember, but only read or hear about.
It is said that the governor of the state of Sonora has a very deep commitment to this small colonial town in the mountains. We can only hope that this love for Alamos will bring about a very quick reconstruction.


Nancy said...

That is so awful! I am glad you are ok, but what a mess. Please stay safe, and I hope the cleanup goes quickly.

Steve Cotton said...

Like Nancy, I am glad you are well, but my heart goes out to those who are now homeless or without resources.

Brenda said...

Glad that you are OK; but feel for the families of the people who were lost. Hopefully the state will help with the reconstruction and it will go quickly. Take care and good luck to all in the hardships of the upcoming days.

Overboard said...

So sorry to see the terrible destruction left by Norbert. I have a boat in SC and when the hurricane passed way south of us, affecting us not one little bit, I let out a big sigh of relief and guiltily stopped worrying about the storm, imagining it to be petering out quickly. Little did I know just how hard it would hit small towns, like Alamos.

You have a lovely well-written blog. You've also made a fine decision to move to Mexico and live where you do.
Good luck to you both.

Dan said...

Hi, my name is Dan. I lost my grandmother as a result of this tragedy. She owned the ice cream parlor near downtown with my grandfather. Mendoza is the last name. I am leaving for Alamos from Anchorage, Alaska to be with my family there but I am having trouble reaching them. I and am hoping you might be able to update me on the situation there. It will be Wednesday the 13th by the time I'm in the area. I hope I can get to the town with the road washed out. You can contact me at

Thank you!

glennhuntington said...

Thank you so much for your coverge of the storm damage and your telling pictures. I feel stunned and saddened for the people and for the beautiful place. Stay well and thank you for your blog.