Senor and Linda Lou have been in Pueblo Alamos, Sonora, Mexico for 10 years.
Every day brings a new discovery.
They are still working on the casa............Senor says, it won't be long.........but Linda Lou says, it won't be long until what..............stay tuned to find out what's next.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Let's Try This Again

I am having a long moment of frustration. I just spent over an hour posting and then, was unable to publish. I know it's because I don't close a picture tab or something, but knowing that doesn't really matter because I don't know how to close it in order to fix the problem.

Now that makes sense to me.

There's a nice breeze this afternoon and some clouds rolling between us and the sun. It truely feels like fall here, but it is hotter than heck.
I just want to show you some stuff quickly and then try and publish this if it will work.....

This is street side, and of course, the new wall. About the 3rd brick section down will be our front pedestrian gate and our front door will be directly across, about where the 2nd window from the right is now.
Why not put in a gate while building the wall? don't ask....

Umberto, our helper has dug a long trench along the wall, to keep rainwater from eroding the bricks. Eventually a pipe will carry rainwater away and around the house to a new 12,000 gallon cistern where the dead tree is. ( later photo)

I am desperate for fast growing, tall trees and vines here. It is very hot on this west side....any suggestions? The front door will have a covered walk which will connect to the gate. Ladrillo pathways will be laid (sidewalk will be gone) and a small fountain will go in here as well.

working on the asadero..the barbeque grill....why a barbeque grill?....we will not have a cocina for at least a year. Bill likes to will have to come for grilled shrimp.I say WE are building this is my job to bring the ladrillos from the area near the gate to this location. I hand carried 20 ladrillos before I remembered we own a dollie.....Ijust realized there is my lost sock, hanging on the clothesline. Look at all those ladrillos I have brought over here. There are 150 of them to complete this asadero.
Now we are at the Hilton Garden Room. Palms.... chairs and coffee table from the storage unit and free mosquito spray come with rental.....

This morning I made limonada with limes from our tree. I also made lime and chile drop cookies..very tasty stuff.....I sent Umberto home with a bag of them..he brought us a bag of peppinos ( the hottest peppers you will EVER taste in your not even think a habanero comes close). He also brought us a squash from his garden that weighs as much as fat Cookies does.
Then I cut some 96 COE glass. I'll fuse these pieces together and they will be flat. Then I'll slump them downward and the piece will become a bowl...more of this later after it gets fired.
Then I made chilie and avacodo peanut butter...also very tasty stuff. I crushed the peanuts with the mortar, which I almost GAVE away at our garage sale and then thought, maybe I will actually use that for something other than potpourri.....yes, that is a plastic pumpkin. As long as we can all remember we have kept the cats' food in this pumpkin. Of course, it had to come with us.Here you can see the dead eucalyptus tree........where the other cistern will go.

Bill is not peeing on the tree, he actually has the chain saw going and is almost completely through the trunk.
But, it would not fall, so he tied a rope from the truck to the tree...tree came down but Bill almost drove through the fence on that side of the house.....
Umberto, who is deaf, but communicates greatly with Bill by hand gestures (Bill loves hand gestures, you always want to be on his charades team), is digging trenches for electricity. We will run it out to the stable, we will run it out to the asadero and will hang some lanterns in the trees as well. Bill is playing with the water hose. But, see the cement mixer??? It is great!!!

Around the mesquite tree I have planted small rose bushes. You can't see the flowers, but remember this and we will look at the roses again in the spring time.

This was a late night visitor................Bill said, don't move, be very quiet, but look down at your shoe. The little guy was traveling along my shoelace........on his way to the screen door.....
Good Night....


Gin said...

Hi Linda, welcome to Alamos. Just found your blog and enjoyed reading it. We have lived in Alamos for 11 years. I hope you enjoy being here as much as we have. Will look forward to meeting you.

Your stories and wide eyed adventurous approach reminds me of our first days here in Mexico. How well I remember numerous border crossings with our truck loaded down and the anticipation it gave us. Will we get the green light this time?? LOL

glennhuntington said...

Linda Lou,

Your house is starting to look great! If I may make some tree suggestions for the side yard you asked about. I'm an environmental landscape designer.
First I would not suggest using a vine on the wall unless added maintenance is not an issue for you. If you do, you might look at Antigonon leptopus. It is native with profuse pink flowers & grows very fast.
Becuase the side yard is fairly narrow, unright trees would cause less root damage in the future. Two trees native to Alamos area; Tabebuia impetiginosa (amapa rosa)may flower Jan-June w/pink flowers.
Caesalpinia platyloba (palo colorado)is rare because wood has been used for fence posts, beautiful foliage, yellow flowers.