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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

My turn....

We've been very busy with the casa, turkey week in Colorado, returning to more casa work and now the holidays (4 parties in 3 days last weekend!...what do you guys think we all are: 20 years old??). Not enough time to post! Enough bitching. Here it is ready or not.

So by now you know I am married to a VERY (MUCHO MUY!!) IMPORTANTE PERSONA! Hand delivered invite to the Mayor's (also referred to as La Presedenta) for the Biggest event of the year here. Well deserved for all of her volunteer work for very important occassions; I am very PROUD of her! But that didnt stop me from addressing her in ROYAL terms for the days leading to the event; I am lucky she let me tag along. The Mayor was most gracious and the event was incredible, actually a celebration of the diversity of cultures here. When was the last time a Catholic mass was celebrated at the same tame and in conjunction with an indiginous celebration with Deer Dancers and the Mayo efigy along side the Virgin de Gaudaloupe?

I must now turn my attention to a technical correction and set the record straight. As you know, my beloved refers to me with particular spanish nick name. Knowledge levels are relative. I do not know everything, just some things mi esposa does not know. As wonderful as she is, some things are not her forte but I have some success with: math, calculations IN THE HEAD, directions/knowing the compass points and where they are at any given time and place (or simply; how to get back where we came from (like HOME)).

Example: I have explained the water system to Linda several times. It is not very complicated: water comes to the house from the street and goes to the roof top tinaco. We can divert it to fill our below ground cistern where we use a pump for the gray water in the cistern for the plants and washing clothes. The tinaco is clean water; the cistern is gray water. Simple, right? We dont even have HOT water yet to make things confusing. Just cold. Clean on the roof; gray in the ground. two pipes. No mas.

My MUY IMPORTANTE esposa has never understood it. After several attempts to explain it; nada. Each time her eyes glaze over more rapidly than the last explanation. We reached an agreement: I will deal with the water system and she will do other muy importante things. This is by no means a criticism; there is no way I could begin to do many of the things she can do. I am sure we are not alone is this aspect of our relationship. I merely provide this background to help exlain her nickname for me; it is as much a reflection on our relative strengths and weaknesses than an a priori reality.

So if you actually are trying to discern the mechanics of our water system, please disregard Linda's comment that water is pumped from the tinaco to the cistern. My eyes rolled when I read that. I love her dearly, but that doesnt change the fact that there is no pump at the tinaco (very beneficial during power failures as well). That concludes the Technical Bulletin portion of this post.

Felice Navidad a ustedes todo! (<-- survival espanol; es muy bueno, mi Professor Violeta?)

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LyndaLRS said...

I love your nickname, Bill! Linda coined the name as an honor to you, I am sure. Just as I meant nothing but the highest compliment, when I suggested to my dearly beloved best-friend-husband, Stan, that he ought to write a book and call it: ''The Know-It-All's Guide To Knowing-It-All.''

Stan and I love reading your blogs. We may--Lord willing--move to Alamos ourselves, within a year or so, or at least head down there for a nice long visit. But meanwhile, we have some health problems to contend with. We are ''only'' in our 50s, but we're already experiencing the truth of the adage that Getting Old Ain't For Sissies!

Keep up the great blogging, you two. God Bless you and yours, and Merry Christmas!-From Lynda Lee in Belen, New Mexico